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Gettin' close!

I've been working with a great guitarist for a few months, hopefully a drummer and bassist are real close.

Still auditioning bass players

Hang tight!

Re-build progressing

I'm talking with a few good musicians and getting closer every day! We'll be back soon! Bigger, Better and Louder!! Stay tuned. Thanks for listening.

Re-build in progress.

Phazookabong is currently undergoing major re-construction. I'll post some new music from our most recent recording soon. A Neil Diamond cover that will kick your butt and a few others.

Thanks for all the new fans!

We appreciate the support!


Man, there's some excellent unsigned talent here at Reverbnation! Just check out Playgryl Slim and Sisaret. Awesome talent and we hope they go far. Again, thanks to all who have fanned us, and we're trying to listen to every band that has fanned us, and fanned us back. Best wishes to all of you. "Wreck & Roll"

Still Wreckin' & Rockin'

Great artists here on Reverbnation! Thanks to all for the fans. Popped a couple of other tunes on here today. Quality is not the best, but these were one takers and the vocals rocked.

Wreck & Roll

We'd like to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen to us, fan us, and become friends. Most of the bands & artists we've heard here at RN are better than the music that somehow gets airplay on FM radio. Best wishes to everyone out there busting their asses to do what they love.


Meeting a lot of cool people & bands here. Tons of great music from all genres.

Rock On

Thanks to all for our page visits and song listens. We appreciate it! Please check out all the other great bands & artists here on REVERBNATION.