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now we know

We know who we are.

We are Wild Mint and we love playing music.

Our style is very eclectic, since we play classic rock-and-roll, blues, as well as a few modern songs. We can't wait to finish up some of our original songs and share them with you.

With two amazing lead singers, Meri and Sean-who's our fabulous guitarist too, accompanied by our secret weapon guitarist Michael, steady as he comes Jay on drums, and Cheryl on the bass - we are playing music that we like. We hope that you like it too!

We work hard all week at corporate America, but we make sure to get together once a week to practice our music and prepare for shows where our friends and family can come and hang out with us.

There is a bit of interactiveness with our band, so don't be surprised if we have guest singers from time to time.

Mint starts up

We are figuring out what we want to become. We will be tightening up our songs as well as adding new songs to our list.

We are serious about creating music.