Svartsot to tour with Arkona and Metsatöll this autumn

Following the releases of both our latest album, Vældet, and our first official video, for the track Midsommer, earlier this year, we can now announce that we will be touring Europe with Arkona from Russia and Metsatöll from Estonia in November and December! The dates and venues can be seen in the tour-poster on our homepage and Facebook. New dates are to be added soon.

We are really looking forward to revisiting some places we have already been to, and visiting other places we have not yet had the chance to visit.

Official video for the track Midsommer

We have just released the official video for the track Midsommer from our latest album, Vældet. The video can be seen on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhtd7h5w2mM or Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/svartsotofficial/svartsot-midsommer-official-music-video

Pre-order page for Vældet now open

The official pre-order site for the new album, Vældet, is now open on our official homepage, www.svartsot.dk. Here you can order your copy of the new CD as an exclusive limited edition digipack CD – with some cool gifts and free shipping worldwide thrown in. You can also order the exclusive limited edition T-shirt which is only available for our fans who order the new CD directly from us! We would like to thank you in advance for your support in buying our new album directly from us. Every penny you spend here goes towards helping to pay for recording, production and touring costs – and also helps us make the album happen! We did not use funding platforms yet – as we were dedicated to make this and future albums happen, come hell or high water! But we do have a lot of projects that need financing, such as the upcoming tour or a new video! So please feel free to make any donation – donations of €5 and above will earn you a Svartsot loyalty card as a thank you!

Recording of the album is now completed

Recording of the album was completed last week – as the more astute Facebook following fans will already know. The sessions took place at the studio of Lasse Lammert in Lübeck, Germany, and we’d like to express a big thanks to those who have helped us and kept us amused during the recording process.

The album is currently being mixed by Lasse. We will post more news about release dates etc. when we have them. Until then, Lasse has posted some tracking teasers. These can either be found on Svartsot’s official Facebook page or on Lasse’s and Svartsot’s YouTube channels. The link to Svartsot’s YouTube channel is:


Recording of 4th album soon to commence

We can now reveal that we will be entering the studio this month to start recording our fourth album. The album, which is as yet untitled, will contain 8 tracks of our finest work so far. Recording will continue into the start of the New Year, and we’ll try to keep progress posts updated. We’re expecting the album to be released sometime around mid-year 2014, but we have already had the chance to show case some of the new material at shows here in Denmark. We will, of course, also be playing new songs at the show in York, UK, in February. So if you’re in the UK and haven’t got your ticket yet, then we suggested you award yourself a Christmas present and buy one here: http://www.asgardonline.co.uk/Events/Svartsot.html

Brand new “Svartshop” online-store now open

The new Svartsot online-store is now open for business. Go to shop.svartsot.dk and check out our new exclusive merchandise, only available on the online-store and at Svartsot concerts. The range will be expanded in the future, so please check the store out at intervals for new items.

Svartsot concert in Kolding to be rescheduled

The concert that was to be held at Pitstop in Kolding (DK) on the 15th of February will be moved to a later date. We do not as yet have a date, but will post it as soon as we know when the concert will be held.

And another interview up...

And another interview has come up online, this time for the Brazilian webzine Cultura em Peso. This one's in Portugese...


New drummer in Svartsot

Rather old news now, but we can announce our new drummer and replacement for Danni Lyse Jelsgaard, who left following our performance at the Copenhell festival in June. The new drummer is the talented young drummer Frederik Uglebjerg. Frederik joined us in time for the Boarstream Open Air festival back in July, and those who attended that show could see him in action with Svartsot for the first time!

New interview with Svartsot

A new interview with Svartsot can be read here: http://thecoreofbrutality.blogspot.com/2012/09/svartsot-interview.html