Circles in the Sky EP nearing completion

Once again we have too many things going on at once. Were finishing up recording on our new EP, "Circles in the Sky," as well as working on the EP art. We have also been working on creating some merch. To add to that there are some band photos coming. Plenty more content soon.

Mastering Jazz Cafe and New Shot

The Cosmos News: 1. Our newest song Jazz Cafe is being mastered as I write this. The mastered track should be up within a few days. 2. We have added two new shows in Manhattan with many more to come. 3. We are doing pre-recording for our new song "Imbecile," which will be the next song to be recorded for the Circles in the Sky EP.

News from The Cosmos

A lot of new stuff has been happening with us. We are currently preparing for our Dec 15th show at Gussy's in Queens and are working on releasing another single off our second EP. We are in this music thing for the long haul, so be prepared for all the good stuff soon.

Hurricane Sandy... You Great Big Whore

Well I guess this is my first blog entry for The Cosmos. This is NOAH by the way... The Cosmos' fearless guitarist and song writer. We have been very busy bees as of late. The great big whore of a Hurricane has made it near impossible (or at least annoying as all heck) for us to get out of Brooklyn... So what do we do... Write and record badass music.