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E. Smitty Talks www.Presonus.com & New Upcoming Releases

Eric "E. Smitty" Finnerud is no stranger to the music business. He has been paving his own way independently for 10+ Years. Eric is a seasoned Producer/Engineer/Artist. He has worked with likes of 12X platinum producer "Keith Clizark" from the westcoast to gold/platinum Legendary Hip-Hop artists, Kool G Rap, Sadat-X, Lil Dap, Nature, Armageddon(formerly of the terror squad), Agallah, iLL AL Skratch and many more.

E. Smitty recently put the finnishing touches on the Re-Mastered Albums "Knowledge Is Power" & "New Age of Hip-Hop", both originally released by Ingrooves/Universal Music Group. Smitty is using a fantastic piece of gear called the "Presonus ADL600". Smitty is using the powerful device in a an array of different ways. From tracking, to mixing to mastering without revealing too many secrets smitty says that its all in the mix. Meaning that the better the mix is, the better the master is or final process if necessary. The ADL has 6 military Grade Vaccum tubes installed, 3 per channel, so there is little doubt what Smitty is doing with these records. The ADL 600 provides all the power to phatten mixes, a add warmth, spread vocals and add life and depth to all your hardware/software instruments. "the signal is so hot, I had to attach 1/4 connectors from the XLRS to cool down the signal, but It brings my VST instruments to life like i've never heard before" - E. Smitty.

On the Horizon, "Knowledge is Power" & "New Age of HipHop" are now set for release in April of 2012. Soon following this summer and fall will be loaded with an arsenal of Releases By E. Smitty. His Production will be featured on all-new albums with HipHop Legends "Lil Dap" of "Group Home", "iLL AL Skratch" & 2 all new independent releases "Medicine Man" & "Last Call". Smitty is in the final stages of mixing down the 2 albums and once again is putting his Presonus ADL 600 to work again. "Medicine Man" & "Last Call" Feature Armageddon, Sadat-X, Lil Dap, Agallah and many more. Expect to see "Medicine Man" and "Last Call" Hit the shelves in August. Smitty is in talks with several labels about expanding his record company "Smitty Productions" worldwide.