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Homage to Common's 'I Used To Love Her'

i never really meant 2 make it rhyme but it came out like that.. wrote it about a year ago.. just wanted 2 tell a lil story lol.. still not finished with it!!!

i know its been a long time since u last heard of me if u dont mind 2 join me, let me take u on this journey see i used 2 be down with peeps, i was THAT chick ran the streets & had game like the knicks i dont know what happened next, somehow i got tricked and it all happened so quick i really couldnt do shit priorities changed, i became kinda sleezy back then they respected me, now they thought i was easy used 2 be so picky with the dudes I did now they doin ME like i was nothin but a bitch and as time went by, me & my circle grew apart but i didnt really care cuz i was travelin a lot guess i became a lil cocky, thought i was sth better now that i was global i believed i could change the weather admired by so many but there's a downside too always had 2 ask myself 'friend or foe.. what are U?'

from bein underground 2 becomin commercial felt like nothin could stop me cuz now my face was universal lost track over the years, only focused on the money became a sellout, thats when shit stopped bein funny cuz i was steady tryna sort out the fakes but it got outta control, thats how they got me one day kidnapped, beaten up forgotten & missled by that time ppl raised their voices announcin i was dead not knowin i was out there, somewhere in need of help taken advantage of by ppl cravin 4 wealth 4 whatever its worth, ignorin my personality only carin 4 my looks, not 4 whats inside of me even burnt my books, so i wont school MY mind or anybody that i met, passed & left behind wornout as i was, they dumped me on the side of the road last thing i know was me askin myself 'is this my final episode?'

to be continued..