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Second episode of Hitlantis Baltic Tour available on YouTube!

The second episode of our epic Hitlantis Baltic Tour is finally out! Check what happened after the van was robbed and the instruments went missing.

Stay tuned for the third and final episode where we push the pedal to the metal on a one-way street!

Part 2/3: http://youtu.be/xf8jjxjVPNo

The documentary is now available for free streaming!

"Folke Westside Hitlantis Baltic Tour" is an outspoken indie documentary about the challenges a Finnish electropunk band Folke Westside faced while conquering the Baltic States.

Folke Westside has replaced vocals and guitars with a howling synthesizer, and compensates the lack of musical virtuosity with an exceptionally arrogant attitude. During its short career the band has already managed to gain a questionable reputation based on energetic but yet unpredictable live performances. Nevertheless, this led to instant fame, and hence already the first gigs were sold out. Unlike most bands, Folke Westside focused straight on the foreign market – especially the Baltic States. Thus the band has had more gigs abroad than in Finland.

On February 2011 the band was on yet another Baltic Tour – this time in association with a dotcom music service called Hitlantis. However, the tour didn’t go quite as smooth as planned, and already the first days turned out to be challenging.

This is a documentary of anyone being capable of touring abroad – despite the stolen instruments and a life-threatening intoxication.

Do or die. Folke Westside.

Part 1/3: http://youtu.be/1WL6geHh350