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Interview to MORIA (Ukraine) at ThePainfucktory.com

1.You are actually considered as one of the leading bands in the Ukranian Metal Scene, what is your point of view about this and how so you developed to be in that current status? Think that us it is hard to judge, we are a leading group in his style or not, because in our country in recent times there appeared a lot of commands, which deserve attention. One can say that it was done a lot of work for a short period of time, when our group was formed. Of course to get the desired result, need to constantly bring forth new releases, to make a new video, then there is a chance to be heard, to make this work could appreciate many. In this we are now and tried to succeed, where our listener would have the opportunity to receive from us constantly new portions of our tracks, which in our opinion change for the better. Everybody notices these changes in different ways, for the ones we have begun to sound more technically, for others appeared more drive. Our main goal, to make the material is not for one day, that was the desire after listening to listen to it again and again. Perhaps, this criterion and brought us into the current state, I am sure that everything can be even better, if we will develop further. 2.You are close to release your brand new album "Pain Shreds", what can you tell us about this and how did you got this new deal with MORE HATE Prods.? Is there any significant changes in musical direction since your debut "PSY" recorded in 2009? Indeed, in the coming days, the release of our second album "Pain Shreds", the obligation took on the distribution of well-proven in the CIS and outside the Russian label MORE HATE PRODUCTIONS. After the summer was accumulated material on this album and were ready to several tracks, we have engaged in searches of a label. After a short search, responded guys with MORE HATE Productions and proposed us to cooperate. The second album in comparison with our debut predecessor much more became a progressive, energetic, in the sound has been considerably harder, there is more groove. In any case, it must evaluate each, anyone interested in this music and I hope that the result will be positive.....