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"Bring On The Season"

As we begin 2 roll on into the beach season here in coastal Carolina, we want 2 once again THANK all of our friends who've became "fans" over the past 7 yrs & the new friends that we've acquired along the journey thus far. No doubt, there will be MORE new friends 2 be made during this 2016 season as we are heavily booked around our much loved & appreciated Coastal area. 2 the already Friends/Fans of Kenny Reeves & TRAINWRECK, we can't wait 2 party w/U again,,,,AND,,,,2 the "NEW Friends/Fans YET 2 be met,,,BRING IT ON, WE'RE WAITING ON U ;-) ....haha...Much Love 2 U ALL!

"Up 2 Speed"

Ok, we're into the 2016 full on booking & playing year & we're about as wide open as a part-time group can get.......full steam ahead y'all, haha! We'd just like 2 say THANK YOU once again 2 everyone who comes out 2 the shows 2 support us, u guys ARE why we are able 2 continue doing what we love year after year. Make sure u keep an eye on the "show schedule" here at RVN so as 2 keep up with where u can catch us around locally AND regionally! See y'all @ the GIGS!!!!

Fan Appreciation!

I realize that it's not very often I give a lot of attention 2 all the resources that's available here on this wonderful site, however, I would like 2 take THIS opportunity 2 send out a real heartfelt "THANK YOU" 2 all our fans here who show up at our gigs over & over again showing us just how much u continue 2 enjoy what we do, "YOU" are truly priceless! This year has been NO LESS productive than our years past in way of "local" shows around this beautiful ILM area, even though we've had some venues close, some have changed format & some (due 2 all of U), we have just plain out-grown & that's a GREAT thing in our camp so THANK YOU ALL 4 another fantastic year so far & we look forward 2 seeing everyone at the gigs thru the rest of this 2015 season. Y'all have an AWESOME Autumn & we'll see u at a music venue near YOU!


OMG,,,we are so dang busy..... Y'all have GOT 2 get over 2 our show schedule & check out all the gigs we have booked around our local area,,,OH YEAH,,,be sure 2 pick out ur FAVORITE venues & let us know that you will be there 2 PAR-TAY us the WRECKIN'CREW..... CYA@THEGIGS :-P


The Helping Tommy Fight event was held on January 27th of this 2013 for Tommy & Rachel Hutchinson. Tommy is battling Pancreatic Cancer.This event was TREMENDOUS & was by anyone's standards a HUGE success raising OVER Seven(7)Thousand dollars in a short 6 hr time span. WHY?, HOW?, because of our area/circle of friends, musicians, businesses & family who worked together with a single united heart & purpose to help ease the crushing burden of the obvious financial weight of the medical expenses that come along with the treatments for this MONSTER. We understand as well that even though this is $7000, it still only barely scraps the surface of this expense. So 2 everyone who continues to have a hand in this we want 2 say thank you & God Bless you in a mighty way!

Gaining Momentum!

Just want to say that this month marks the one year anniversary of "TRAINWRECK" having the same consistent four band members, the longest in the bands' 4 year history..hahaha...so THANK YOU goes out 2 GREG DEW, BOB CLAYTON JR., JOHN STOVER & yours truly for banding together & making a REAL enjoyable go of this trainwreck...hahaha! Along with the fact that we've been together for a year now is the fact that we are steadily gaining popularity, fans, friends, venue's & just like a strong TRAIN always does, "MOMENTUM" ! When you come out to any venue to support us, you'll ALWAYS find a warm welcome & greeting from not just the band, but from our people as well because they're ALL GREAT folks & if our venue doesn't treat you friendly then we always SET THEM STRAIGHT as to who pays THEIR bills....hahaha! THANKS to all of you & we'll see u @ the gigs:-)


Hey everyone, I just gotta say thanks 2 all of u who continue 2 come out 2 the shows & support us each & every time---(u know who u are & we do 2) ! My computer has been down & out 4 bout a month now, but will be back soon,,,,so i'm told,,,,so as soon as that happens i'll be posting new video's & tryin 2 keep everyone up 2 speed w/what's goin on the the world of TRAINWRECK:) I REALLY want 2 encourage ALL my friends on FACEBOOK & everywhere else as well 2 go ahead & click that "BECOME A FAN" button here on reverbnation, it just means that it helps us in local/national rankings & it also gives "U" access 2 all things goin on w/Kenny Reeves & TRAINWRECK!!! Up & coming r things like T-shirt, huggies, guitar picks & a variety of memorabilia with our logo on them (of course) so u can show ur support & officially be a part of the "CREW"! Look 4 us in some of our regular(IRREGULAR) haunts around(SEE CALENDER) & be sure 2 let us know that ur a FaceBook/ReverbNation/MySpace fan.....C YA @ THE GIGS!!!


TRAINWRECK would like to say THANKS! to everyone who liked us this week! THANKS!