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I Sound Like:(Jay-z)

What up to everybody that follow me as well as show support.Right now i just need to address this thing about the many comments i get about my music.Throughout my life while pursuing a music career people often on a daily basis tell me that i either sound like,rhyme like or even just remind them of{Jay-z}.There was a point in time when i just laughed or smiled almost flatter to be praise in sincerely as the honored great{Jay-z}.Lets set the record straight,i don't purposely intend to sound like nar rhyme like{Jay-z}.In-fact i don't think i rhyme like him and at times even sound like him.If you are a true fan of hip-hop then i'm sure their are others who feel the same just listen to the styles and flow and not just the voice.I have an up coming song where i try to explain and express my throughs and feelings call{I CAN'T HELP IT}Produced by a well known production team called{FULL SCALE MUSIC GROUP}google them and check them out.So on that note i leave you with a message which i received from{FULL SCALE MUSIC GROUP}check it out and please feel free to leave me comments of your thoughs as well.Thanks for listening or rather reading{n.y.c. luv}from da 1 and only new yorks next best thing:Kool-Da-Great A.K.A. Mr.Get It In,better known as queens finest "ya heard".This is what was said in an email message check it out.(Full Scale Music Group)-You sound EXACTLY like Jay, as much as jay is one of the greatest, thats not gonna help you in ya career, people usually dont get too far soundin like someone . especially someone thats made his mark like jay did. It would of been dope if you had your own style and sound, but it to me it sounds like u jacked his whole style, , thats like a producer tryin 2 be like timbaland and they have every timbaland sound he has and uses but cant use it as good so he gets pigeon holed because he wants to sound like one of the greatest, and im not tryin 2 be an asshole, im just blunt and honest with my opinions.

The only person who sounds like someoe else right now is Asher Roth, who sounds just like eminem, and i dont think he even is gonna do what eminem ever did or even close. He will always be in the shadow of his predecessor.