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How I Balance Modern Telecom-Smart Phones And The End Of The World As I See It.

Here's is a bullet point observation of how smart phone's ruin my day and yours.1-ISIL has an App-2-No matter where you go,People seem to be on their phones or looking at them.3-Texting at the wrong times and places.4-Destroyed all family Interactions with conversation among each other after eating.5-Not knowing when it's a good time to ask someone anything when their head is buried in their phone.6-People appear to be talking to themselves making them appear insane,And you cannot tell anymore who is and who's not.7-My barber no longer talks to me and talks Into his head phones while cutting my hair therefore denying me on of the cheapest forms of therapy.8-Commute to the city is in complete silence with strange and personal outbursts of laughter or sounds of disapproval from woman.Ah ha.9-Younger family members texting to each other sitting across from each other and you,Making you feel Insecure or the butt of a joke.10-Music is no longer enjoyed as a group experience and can only be sent as a link for you to live with someone's bad taste all alone.When I think of more I will add them.11-Someone always puts me on hold when another call comes in and I call them.Nothing high tech there.But annoying!!


They say "You Can't Take It With You"But you can get really close!! Im going to mention the class system in death as in life is alive and well. Being from a family that has part of It in the funeral biz, I can tell you first hand that money in death plays a big and perhaps a bigger part in how you are remembered.I just saw a funeral procession go by. The first 8 cars were limos followed by a flower car[Overflowing with flowers] and then the personal family cars which were 3- Late model Benz's 2 -7 series BMW's One new Jag and assorted new cars and PC Volvos and a Prius's. Now thats a little bigger than what I usually see. But typical Italian or russian procession. The Money wagon starts to roll when the person dies and the undertaker gets the call, If the person has a little more than the average funeral which is 17-23 Thousand they get the undertaker himself to come with the caddy or hurst and the body gets placed in the back and goes to the funeral parlor and gets processed for burial per the religion of the clients or the deceased wishes. Now In the lesser plan $$ wise, Some part time college kid and a buddy comes in a white van with no markings and places you in a blanket and put you In the back for the ride to the start of how things are going to go from here $$ wise again. Jewish goes right in, Within 24 hrs.We did not do many if any of them, Mostly Italian.The family with the $$ pre- plans their family mousolium? With 15 plots min for build out. Now its a case of how much you are going to spend. These start at around 100.000-up Fast forward to uncle Nino's send off. Uncle nino gets put into a 50.000 coffin lined and sealed with copper with welders on site to do it. Now the poor side of the family cant afford a burial. So there getting cremated for around 750.00-1500. If there is a service at a church,Church gets paid,Priest gets tipped and poor uncle joey is in a rent a coffin for the service and after the service gets placed in the cardboard coffin and on to the place in Linden NJ thats looks and smells like an Industrial furnace [which it is] That's 2 stories high. Now they cremate multiple bodies at all times, But one at a time In each oven as far as I know, But I can assure you,You are getting a mixture of everyone who has been there before your loved one. Dont freak out that's the way it goes. I know this is kind of gory. But this was biz as usual at the family funeral biz. And $$ means everything everywhere!!!

Modern Policing In America!!

Police Officer who shot Laquan Mcdonald is being tried for murder,After the shooting in Oct 2014 his family settled and received 5 million dollars In April 2014 of that year. And signed a gag order to not speak about the case and the video and the records were sealed. Once the video got leaked to the press and to certain lawyers it was so egregious It had to come to light with an Indictment. Chicago has had a task force called the midnight riders,Or something like that. That was roughing up black defendants on that shift. It was well known. That being said In chicago and other cities like in nowheresville USA, Cops have handlers who take them through the vetting and psyc process to answer any questions In a way that will not stir up any suspect information where a further investigation is warranted. And if a cop assaulted people and never got caught,He's good to go. A cop in chicago has not been indicted for murder in 35 yrs and an Independent reporter through the freedom of information act saw the video and took it to the streets. With that said in these cities with high murder rates and people who do not really want to be on the force take these jobs in acts of last resort and desperation due to the lack of jobs and jobs that no one wants to do. 98% do it with pride and 2 % do it with no caring for the people they serve. With grave results. And their attitude is I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 and Im going home tonight period!!!And NYPD and LAPD have the same handlers.Who do the same for their prospects.

The Recipe To Failure!!

Yea ,Its all good,You just got your pro-tools set up and some cool speakers and gear for the space where rehearsal is done most's night's.After all we were such good friends.Joey and I went to grade school together and I meet Tommy and Joey In high school.We all loved the same type of music and really had a meeting of the minds as far as music went.Rehearsals were the best,We'd get together as much as we can and now that we had a cool recording set-up we were turning out some great tunes as far as I was concerned.Most of our friends liked it and we shared it outside of our group to some really great response.The best thing about playing was when Joey would bring over some pot.We'd roll up some nice fat joints and sit back and checked out what we have just made,And wow It sounded so much better after a hit or two.It just went along with it all.We felt like we were arriving somewhere,But we were too high to know where-lol.I always noticed after we smoked that joey and our other buddy were so much higher than the rest of us,But I put that In my minds back pocket and played on.We were starting to get some gigs throughout the county and our CD and the links we were putting out there seemed to be giving people what they wanted to hear.The party was still alive and well as far as we were concerned.Joe and his buddy were starting to miss rehearsals or be late over and over.What was I going to do,We were from a small town and the pickins were slim as far as girls and players went.So I hung In there,Recording and playing and getting props from the people who started to show up at the space to hear us play.I confronted Joe one day and asked whats up? Your so much higher than the rest of us.What are you smoking-lol Joe rolled up his sleeve on his shirt and showed me the reason why his actions did not sync with ours.He had needle marks all up and down his arm,In fact both arms.Wow WTF is going on here man,Why? Why Joe said because its the best feeling you will ever have and you will never forget it if you do It.And he told me that I dont have to shoot It and can smoke It.He proclaimed that he was stopping shooting and just going to smoke it.I said to myself wow just smoke it.How bad can that be,I mean I smoke weed and thats fine,Whats the harm?To be continued.No it wont he died of an overdose no happy ending here.And no music to say he was here.You want a happy ending read a fairy tale.

How SIRI Almost ruined my life!!!

It was a night like any other and I wanted to order some take out.I came down from upstairs and asked "Siri" for some local places In my area.She complied and gave me some options,But In the wrong area code.So I jokingly yelled out SIRI your so F'in stupid.She was trying to correct the problem with no good outcome.So one last outburst from me,You stupid bitch and I left and went out to get food without her help.The next day I get a frantic call from my then girlfriend.What have you been doing,You F'in @@@$% creep.She said I saw all the locations and read the texts.I said what are you talking about? She said hold on and sent me the torrid texts and locations of the escort services I have been looking up and the text's speaking to the excorts.This never happened by me and did not do any of It.So as you would have it my girlfriend did not believe me and left.So I began to do some homework on how this could happen.I asked SIRI to look up these so-called services and collect names dates and times.Well at every turn I was blocked.Everything I asked SIRI would not come through correctly.So jokingly again I asked SIRI how can you do this to me!!In a monotone serious voice said.Frankie Im still a woman and dont fuck with me.And that was the last time I ever had a talk with SIRI again.Strange stuff!!!

What "Race" We talking about??

Frankie D'Augusta Am I a "Racist"Yes I am.My mind races to a place of peace and sanity.And In no way want to take out my problems on anyone else.My spirit races to a finish line of love and accomplishments and look at everyone with a fair shake until proven otherwise.Yea Im a "Racist"


Well when you find out,Roll it up into a ball and toss it into the garbage.Because If you want to have success as a song writer.Write with Purpose and a Product in mind.Picture where this song can be heard against what picture:ie Car,Electronics,Phones,Makeup etc.You get the Idea!!Thats where you should be shopping your songs.To "AD" agency's.The so-called "Big 3 Labels do not have the time people and interest In finding you unless you have a few million youtube hits.Thats when they want you!!After all the work was done their ready for "YOU".Well you should be thinking why would I want to be involved In that mess.Ad's Is another way,Its like the "Other Meat" "Pork"So as I said write with a purpose and try a road less traveled.But dont be to late to travel there.Because by time you get there it's going to be swamped.Im someone who's been Involved In this from the age of 17 and I have been In many areas of a once great biz.Even if you hear a song you "Love"from another "Artist"Lets say from the 80's or 90's whatever,Do a cover of it for commercials,Do your own version and sell it.Your allowed to cover any song as long as there is no piece of the original recording In it,Via samples!!Arrangements and sounds are all open for the taking.When you present the song.Attach a product and picture with song cut In 15 sec 30 sec and 60 sec parts,So make them a demo of what they can do with your song,Look nobody reads my shit anyway,So Im telling myself what I need to do with my music.But you better hurry,Im right behind you!!-lol I hope I taught someone something!!!

What Stays With You???

Significant!!You really never know while your going through something and living through a moment how much of a "Treasured"Memory that will become later In life.Yes its time for the "Old Man's Story" The summers spent In "Blue Point"L.I.NY on the boat with my grandfather were some of the "Best Times" In my life Looking back.I did not want to go there as a kid,But those days were really special and you dont see it at the time.Maybe its possible to make every day that way?? I will not know until tomorrow.!!!

Best Review Ever-Frankie Eldorado 1st album!!!!

Frankie Eldorado – “Frankie Eldorado” Posted on September 22, 2014 She was a lady… and I was a man… You can’t tell love by the touch of a hand… – “Good Thing”

Oh Frankie Eldorado… you savvy lover you.

I had to buy this album. Because, well, I mean, look at it! Seriously, look at that cover! The question isn’t “dude, how could you buy this record?” It’s “dude, you could you not buy this record?” If the chick with the awesome glasses licking the rainbow lollypop on the front doesn’t get you, all you need to do is check out the reverse, which features Frankie himslef with a rainbow candy guitar and a photographic sunburst highlighting his amazing perm. As Charlie Sheen would say: “Winning!” And since it’s from 1980, there’s a damn good chance it isn’t trying to be ironic. In fact, I think it’s dead serious. Which makes me like it even more.

Do I like you? Do you like me? –“Do I Like You”

I found this gem at New Jersey’s Record Museum during my recent east coast jaunt, hidden away among the E’s, somewhere after Elbow but right before ELO. Just sitting there, forlornly, all by its lonesome like a sad puppy begging someone to take it home. So I did. And while I expected new wave, and kind of thought that’s what I was getting on the first song, “Good Thing,” it’s really more bubble gum pop. Attempts at catchy hooks, lots of songs about love and girls and do you like me.

Side B opens with “I Know” and look, we’re back to more new wavy stuff with synths and some weirdness. And that trend kind of keeps going through “Hey Little Girl,” though we still have songs about “girls” and the word “love” pops in over and over and over and over again. But then “Don’t You Take” slows it way down… like, is my turntable losing power or something? It’s a slloowww paced song, but pure pop (and yes, the word “love” is in this song too, for realz). Wait, what’s this? A live track? Oh man, “Dancin’ To Me” is like a rock ‘n’ roll disco song.

Baby I’m crazy, Baby I’m crazy, Crazy for your love. –“Crazy”

Seriously, is there a song on this record that doesn’t have the word “love” in it???

Anyway, Frankie Eldorado is actually a fun album. Not sure how often I’ll randomly have the urge to hear 10 songs in a row about love, but it’s nice to know I have that need covered should it ever come up. Thank you, Frankie Eldorado.

Hey Guys They Called Us????The New Music Biz??

For young new "Bands"-Also you have just sent out your "Demo and Bio" with pics and all the cool obligatory "Rock Poses".And you get an E-mail from ""The Law Firm Of "Fakestien,Blowberg and Finklescam LLP.And they say we love what your doing and then get Into whats Its going to cost"You" to get this off the ground.Dont walk away!!!RUN-Its all BS!!!The point Is any co that like's what your doing,It has to be on their dime for it to be "Real"Dont be Impressed That some contacted you,Thats what these guys look for.Also On the pages of ads on Revebnation they offer many situations that look cool and real.But they as any co take AD money without doing all the research to check each and every AD that comes in.So be careful all over this mine field as I call the "New Music Biz"