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Metadata is "data that provides information about other data". Two types of metadata exist: structural metadata and descriptive metadata. Structural metadata is data about the containers of data. Descriptive metadata uses individual instances of application data or the data content. Dr David Kessler former head of the FDA shared a recent survey. In it It has shown that since 1999-2014- Oxycontin, This one drug out of the hundreds of brand and generic opiate titles generated 35 billion dollars In the US In the 21 year's on the market. And 78 people a day die from opiate ODs,Thats the confirmed numbers.Which = 28,480 per yr. In a recent report from this survey.Thats the ones they know. From 1999-2014 from pills In its recent report. Now take the deaths that have not been absolutely proven but suspected. Its would be about 40,000 per yr in my opinion. Now lets take death numbers from when one drug-Oxy's came on board. 530.000 total about. Not including Heroin all the other opiate pills and the deaths through dealers deals gone wrong and crime and punishment.Were looking at numbers of only a real war as In Vietnam Or WW-2 would create. And the recent study also showed 71% of people reported that they lost a friend or family member and 63% have current family member or friend addicted at this time. Dr Kessler admits that the FDA dropped the ball on Big Pharma and the doctors did not do their due diligence to find out more about these pills. They all believed the company's sales force and info. Next stop Heroin, World wide and its path of destruction, Who's doing what to whom. I believe we have stepped Into a "National Security" Threat years ago. And this is International Terrorism at work here?


Ah you see I put a question mark at the end of that sentence.Well I will put some personal and factual Information here that will prove my point unless your very wealthy. And thats even Iffy? If your a new band and have a major deal on any given day you have a least 150-200 foot soldiers on the streets up at radio stations in clubs and a distribution Infrastructure thats going to get your record to the masses quickly. And quickly is the name of the game. Because If someone goes to buy a download or vinyl etc it better be there when they want it .And theres a good chance If its not,There not coming back to find it for purchase and they will rip it. Also labels [some] have producers for next records and more Importantly songs they own and would love nothing better than to have a hit with you and your band on your next or current single or Album. And they have art direction with concepts in a book of pics if you like and a very active social media dept. An artist like myself who had a deal on Epic [Legacy] In 1980 can always depend on a check here or there from a re-press or a record on a compilation that groups or artists can not get on to themselves without the machine thats in place. Although many have closed or consolidated. If your lucky enough to get one , Go for it. Yea you can get a record out yourselves. But your going to have to out source all the above to have it move around the globe properly In my opinion. And if your an older established act they will hang in there In the leaner times,An album or 2 if ya really big.To give you some breathing room. Oh you not did ask? To bad my page my dime my time-lol YT-FE


Heres my numbers,It may seem small to some? But for someone in this game for 40 yrs. Not so bad, I keep making new music In all genres for me. No sales, No shirts, No shows, Maybe a radio interview or the wonderful people at Discover Hit Music who do great work. My passion is to use my content/music for my PSA's On the Heroin Epidemic that tried to rob my life at one point. But I learned to love me one day at a time and suggest to others to do the same for themselves. Oh wait, Im lying the capitalist In me was trying to pawn off the line of watches with my album cover on it. If that took off I would have given the money to DYC Recovery center's as does my friend and brother In music Peter Baron who's tireless efforts are about to buy another building to help more kids get the message that they don't have to use dope to be happy. 4-11-2016- I know its one place on an International artist based site,But its someplace above ground. Because in all reality the life I have lead I should have been dead. And to add many many people who did much less then me are 6 ft under.-Heres todays numbers,That Im very proud of- 65 New Fans Plays 30,612 Fans 6,562 Views 28,355 Local Rank 13 Regional Rank 27 National Rank 53


Im not an economist or an academic Im just a fool with a computer and opinion and a voice here.That being said.Congress and Senate have written biz and tax code laws into the books that go against common sense and morality and hinge on criminal Intent.This is a biggie for me#1-Stateless Income-Meaning US corps can claim a negative income here In the US while posting huge un-taxable profits here in the US and fly the US flag and have all the benefits that comes with military security and the glamour of what it means to be an American company without any US tax burden.By keeping a US postal address they get to go over seas and through a process called "Inversion" the bulk of their money stays parked there and they pay zero US taxes and are able to use its US corp office's to get bank loans etc to its own overseas operations and offset their tax obligations to the US.Thats one #2-Tech and Pharma co's such as Apple and Phizer use a system thats called "Load Interest Payments" In the US and lease their Intellectual content and property and lease it to the rest of the world vis a vis a little thing called an "Added Tax Value Credit"And build wealth and hold it in places like Ireland and other countries that let co's come in and park their money for fees as opposed to a tax so to speak,This is hard to explain and Im trying my best.Our law makers have written laws for companies that actually make it hard to operate here.Our corp tax rate in the US is 35% with all the tax and fuzzy math they have managed to come out net negative here in the US give dividends around the world plus here and the person or persons who claim capital gains here pay no tax on them.Go fucking figure.Canada has a rate of 15% and a thing thats called a "Blended Rate"That is made of off of its Provincial properties that gets it up to 27 % when all is said and done.Although Canada and many Countries in Europe are much smaller and do not have the budgets and needs we have.They do have a Government and a system that works well and in their favor.And when the American Idiots are around for protection and are willing to spill blood on their commercial and personal security.Why should they bother to care or worry.I tried my best to explain this to anyone thats willing to read it the best I can for now,Until I know the rest of the scams.Im going to add the "Panama Papers" 40 yrs worth of info and 11 million documents leaked that is now taking down Putins 2 best friends and biz partners and Chinas Main Party bosses and last but not least Iceland's Prime Minister to name a few,Its coming to America at a Federal courthouse near you soon?

Why Are You Doing What You Do?

To all Bands, Musicians and Singer Song writers. If your not out there serving someone or cause your going to get served. Meaning take on a good cause and do what you do with that in mind and do it well and the return on effort will be just what the doctor ordered. And surround you with the feelings and people that need to see you and you need to see.Because in all reality the way the music biz is, This here site my be as good as it gets, If you allow it to. Were a sick country and if you can bring something to this table thats going to ease someones or others pain.Your NOT REALLY DOING ANYTHING, But some self serving non sense that you will be hawking at some failed carnival or if your lucky enough on an oldies circut /freak show for the rest of your tired lives. Because everything has changed. And if your a band that goes out there and parties and travels thats going to end at some point, Trust me. Set up something where you and what you do is bigger than your ego or talent and the rewards are the effort. Because this may be as good as it gets!! Just my opinion after selling my soul for my soul. In other words selfishness, Now when me and my buddies do something a large portion of whats made goes to a drug program called DYC drug treatment centers NY NY, I would not tell you to do something that I did not do or have done myself with my time. Go out there and make a difference, Any way you can.You may need to take out a dividend one day with someone you love.The more you know!!!!

Censorship is Alive And Well? Jimi Hendrix Story

Just a reminder!REELZ Channel 9 pm EST I cant mention the channel they blocked me on FB,But not here.A show about the long disputed reasons on the Jimi Hendrix Death.Next saturday 9 PM EST.It has been thought that Jimi did not die as was told to the press and the world. My 4 yrs at Electric lady show me vis a vis IRS,DEA and other investigations that were going on a the time where there is smoke there is fire. Michael Jefferies Jimi's manager was dead few years when I got on to the scene.Many if not all staff members where called into various Government agency offices for personal interviews as to what was seen and heard at our time spent there.The Hendrix family was in conflict with the Jefferies estate over royalties and other properties and ELS itself.On who really owned what and what may have came in the way of that and if Jimi was killed. So it should be an interesting watch so see it from an autopsy/medical perspective.Because most if not all of the people closely involved are dead.But Jimi sold more records dead than alive till this point and thats what anything is really all about.


Starbucks In Manhattan 2 blocks north of east 14 th street midday.Almost filled with 20-30 somethings completely silent all dressed the same with just a tinge of edginess to reflect its hipster location. All connected to one device or another no conversation or head movement devoid of all humanity.These kids looked like robots,I don't know exactly how they came to be at this lonely place. But I know who sold them their isolation kits en mass. And its ugly, And did they all ever drink the kool aid of progress by the caseload. So sad! And as I glanced over to one beautiful young lady She began frantically stirring her 8.00 Carmel Grande In a counterclockwise motion as if she read my mind,For the what if's in another lifetime. Horrified she ran back to her seat to multi-tasking charging her laptop,Texting and listening to something with a 2/4 tempo she sipped her way into her own space once again.

What? Is that what your doing? At FE- LLP

Since no one reads most of what I write here. Im not giving away the store. But New Bands and perhaps Older bands,Their publishing and future Earnings will soon be part of your 401k? Traded like any other commodity.Think of it as crowd funding with a dividend? Thats enough for now!! See ya at the store!!

Intake Room-Heaven 2016

I dont know how I know this Im still alive right? Lets just say I have some Inside Info. I mean everyone has some on everything? Well after It happens Ya know the event? As I was told as a child. We go to a place a waiting room to be judged and placed to where we are going to spend eternity. Now this place from what I hear Is no different than as if you were put into your local prison facility. Gang bangers have to be separated. All religions seeking different dept's to find their "God Rep"and go over their contact. And muslims, Separate themselves from women In life and horny little devils In death. Where's my virgins bitch?. No relief from the chaos down here, Your also a little nervous going over what you did and did not do and how that rates on the sin scale. Was that a "Mortal"or just a 10 & 10 per catholics and confession. Ten ours fathers and ten hail marys. Or In my case a 5 and a candle .In fact that's where I believe some of my rather questionable biz practices started. It's kind of like the scene In Beatle Juice, No sleep till Brooklyn, All that pop culture stuff rolled up into one lousy experience. And time up there Is not like time down here, Your on "God's" time now buddy. So sit tight and someone will be with you In a moment. Do you know what a F'in moment is on his time? Take a gov office or the DMV and times it by an angel's ass times 20 and you just may move up a bit. And speaking of "Angel"s there all a little to happy and light in the feathers If you know what I mean to be in that such good of a mood at 4:23 EST when the event happened. And don't be fooled by stories of beauty at the side of him or her or It. This is the waiting room catholics call It "Pergatory" Jews must call It the worst table service at the best deli or something like that. You heard about how Jews threat each other while ordering food, Same shit here. Now I don't know exactly were they are sending me at this point. But enough with the music, It has to be mozart or one of their cooler angels working that dept. All in all hectic to say the least 21 century is the 21 century here or there, Oh wait excuse me. Did they say Eldorado?

LMAO-Yours Truly SATAN !!!

Oh he's laughing alright, At all of us who are trying to figure out who loves us and who hates us. You could not devise a better plan than to form 3 organized religions In the name of Abraham who think completely different ideas on how to go about getting god's love and attention. This is genius, Constant conflict among them for eons. In something they can't feel,touch,smell and is based on faith and hope that if you have the properties you will reap the rewards of ever lasting life at the side of your god of choice for eternity. Wow what a F'in deal. In fact they claim that you can be the worst killer,child rapist,head remover and all you have to do is admit your sins and be truly sorry and turn your life over to him and you are forgiven. If this is not a deal put together by SATAN I have never heard a better deal, Ever.Now theres other organized religions which I know little about so I will not comment. But I know that the Christians were to rapture up to heaven a few years back and that never happened. The Jews are still waiting for their savior and they were treated almost the worst in the 20 th century and perhaps throughout history. And the muslims? I don't know what they are looking for, But from what I have already seen it's more of the same BS with a few pounds of intensity added. And a touch of mid- evil torture thrown in for shock value. I had a record deal back in the 80's and if I knew things were going to be like this.I would have made every song ala Imagine by John Lennon.What a mistake I made and If my words are a mistake Im willing to deal with the consequences. Whatever they may be!! I feel like I know the truth but know one will listen because the devil owns the company.