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Stop with the pride because is hurting you!

One of the reasons why people don't succeed in things that they do is because of pride! Pride will hold you back even when you think that's not the case! From relationships, jobs, business, family, or whatever the case may be, be careful & make sure your not letting your pride get in away of you being a great & better person!

Disrespecting woman in songs/music

What's going on everybody! Disrespecting woman in a song in any way is a stupid thing to do. From a personal standpoint, your mom is a woman. You should treat every woman like it's your mom! From a business standpoint, woman buy music still artist! Man steal music off the internet! I love all woman! When your doing your songs artist, make sure you represent the woman in a positive way! It's loyalty!

Who will rise to the top!

Who will be the next star from Detroit to rise to the top! Your grind must be like a grind no one has ever seen. Your songs must be shades better than the rest! You must think out of the box big time! In today's hip hop market, there is competition from everywhere! All I can say is! Work harder, smarter, wiser, & better than ever, and the sky will have no limit for you! Loyalty Is The Key & God Is First! Love you!

Supporting Local Artist !

I am a local artist from the Detroit Area. I feel like just because your a local artist doesn't mean your hometown suppose to support you! Regardless if you are local or not, your music needs to speak for you. Local artist need to be on the same level (Competitive) as the main strem artist when it comes to making good songs with good quality! I will never support anybody if there music isn't good regardless if there my best friend or a mainstrem artist! I will only support good quality music period!

My opinion about todays hip hop artist

My opinion about hip hop is that todays main stream hip hop artist don't rap about anything these days! Todays Rap is all about Cars,Clothes,Money,bling bling,disrespecting woman,& drugs. There is no story behind music anymore. No metaphors behind music anymore. No meaning behind music anymore! I feel todays artist need to be more creative about the music they make! We don't even no anything about these stars these days! They started from somewhere so I know that can rap about more than material things! what do you think?