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Morning of 9-11

I just added my song MORNING OF 9-11 in my music player

Lyrics~TO OUR TROOPS and MY FLAG by Doc Killian

TO OUR TROOPS written by Doc Killian 6 January 2004 copyright - used by permission of Steve "Doc" Killian e-mail-- dockillian@yahoo.com Website -- http://doc-killian.tripod.com Dear brave men and women, although you may feel alone Know this now from your country your're not forgotten at home. You don't make the policy but you do make a stand Against dictatorship and tyranny in a very foreign land. If you ever stop to wonder if there's a difference that you make Just think of your family's Freedom if someone else tried to take Freedom, rights and justice others have never known But because you serve our country we have those rights at home. You know the strong can do some things About which the weak can only ponder. That's why when duty called you ended over yonder. When your Country called you, you thought not to hide or run But to give a helping hand in a fight someone else had begun. Now there'll always be a bully and those on which they prey That's why the downtrodden call the USA. Every other nation knows that what we have Has stood the test of time With Freedom throughout our land. We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get the hard jobs done For we know that when it's over, better days will come. This is a message from back home: We'd all just like to say Hi Because when we enjoy our Freedom you are part of the reason why. When you hear my message don't ever feel alone Because back here's a nation waiting to welcome you home!!! MY FLAG written by Doc Killian 27 December 2003 copyright - used by permission of Steve "Doc" Killian e-mail-- dockillian@yahoo.com Website -- http://doc-killian.tripod.com When I raise the Flag I do remember All the sacrifices and no thoughts of surrender. When Old Glory travels or it stays in my yard Its not a red, white and blue piece of cloth But something more by far. Its a feeling deep inside through decades of its sight That has bonded our great nation and reminds us of our might. The Stars and Stripes of which I sing To those who fought and died for meant many things. Families back home and keeping them safe, Our freedoms abound in War's awful wake. In front of me to burn my flag you'd need to think about You'd have not the freedom to yell or insults you shout. My Flag was bought and paid for by oh so many lives Leaving behind so many parents, children, husbands and wives. You don't have to agree with the politics that are involved But remember how Old Glory's ideals evolved. The Freedoms that we all enjoy come at quite a cost And if you don't like my flag, then you can just get lost. Go somewhere else so very far away And don't insult my nation or my flag that's here to stay.

Catlin ( EagleHeart ) Tierce
Catlin ( EagleHeart ) Tierce  (almost 10 years ago)

Doc; you're one in a million.A true American. I'm proud to call you friend. My wife and I love your songs,and your testimony.I really wish there were more people like you in the world. It would definantly be a better place. God bless you and I hope to see you soon. Catlin ( Eagleheart ) Tierce