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Time they are a changin'.....

In this world of ever constant things of change, we're no different. CrashKill Six is embarking on it's new adventure as a three man project. Lots of powerful bands out there are just three men/women who are pumping out some seriously good music. We strive to be one of them. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us but we're up to the challenge.

We want you to be involved and come with us. Over the next month, we need everyone's help in a big big way.

CrashKill Six stumbled upon a site that help small projects get their dreams off the ground. Right now, we are that small project. However, with the help from our fans, families and loved ones, we can become that big project we've all dreamed of. We want those of you who are dreamers to dream with us, live through us and watch some magic happen.

Donating through KickStarter is quick and easy. Simply go this link - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2119413970/you-can-become-a-part-of-the-success-of-crashkill/pledge/new?clicked_reward=false&logged_in=false&p=0&v=u and sign on using your Facebook account. Form there it will ask you to donate through Amazon payments. It's that simple. The more you donate, the greater the reward. The best part is....your money doesn't transfer unless we meet out goal.

So, what does CKS plan to do with this money? Here's what: 1. Finish our first EP, "In for the Ride" 2. Go on a few small tours. This is the harder part as we all know what gas costs and how hard traveling can be. The benefit is that some of you from Brent's and Smokeshow's hometown will get to see them again! 3. Invest in merchandise 4. Make a documentary about this process and the tour. Everything - uncut and uncensored.

I can only hope that I've said enough here for you guys to feel inspired and intrigued enough to help us out and see where this goes!

I thank you all!


Loud and Proud

CrashKill Six had a last minute show tonight and we brought it! I'm so stoked about our progress and what's to come. We've gelled into a unit of one. If you haven't "liked" or become a "fan" of this band, what are you waiting on?

~B. Mo.

Hey fuckers!

CrashKill Six has a few days off, we get back to work on Wednesday, we working on new material, a few badass covers and we booking more shows for the next few months. We will have a limited EP for release in a month or so and at the end of May we will be recording a full length album to be released this summer. We currently working on a summer tour with some amazing bands. Help us spread the word as we continue to work hard and grow. Keep the music alive. See you at the next show.

CrashKill Six

Hi Music World

So... last night we did a live recording at one of Austin's top Hard rock/metal venues Dirty Dog Bar on 6th street. Ok, I take that back, THE BEST hard rock/metal venues in Tx! We shared the stage with some great bands, a very close friend of mine, Tim opened the show with his fucking badass band, One Shot One Kill, followed by them A Good Rogering hit the stage and I didn't know what to expect, but god damn they were fucking awesome! Finally the band of the night Dead Earth Politics took the stage and just ripped it to shreds! AMAZING band! We are thankful for them having us play with them. All these band right on before us kind of fucked with my head a little, but as the night went on we all came together and made some amazing magic happen. We took that stage and did what we are meant to do and fucking did it!!! Our best show yet, it was all recorded live! We are excited for many things coming, we have a busy year yet ahead of us, we have stuck together and worked our asses off and we will continue to do so. We will have a full album to release this summer followed with a tour. We are playing throughout Texas right now, getting ready for the summer. We are writing new material and our sound has definitely become it's own. Last night we had a great crowd that really got into the music and we finally got a small glimpse of our very near future! We have come a long way in just 4 short months, and we look forward to the ride we are about to take. Thank you to those who have been there from the beginning. We have spent time away from our loved ones and without their support we wouldn't be here. To those who put up with our crazy schedules, Thank You for supporting our dreams and believing in all that we do. Music is our soul and we will carry it with us and pour it out in our music always! See you at the next show!

Jason James

New webstore!

As we're working on many things at the same time, I started a webstore with one of the logos we have produced. Help show your support of CrashKill Six by purchasing 1, 2, or all of the listed items so far!

Once again, thank you for supporting CrashKill Six!

~ Brent

Off the ground running!

Hey there - Brent here!

Just thought I'd get on our site and write a little something. CrashKill Six has been going strong now for about 3 months and everything is really coming together for us. The 4 members of this band have all come from such various backgrounds that when we get together, you just never know what music is gonna come out!

I want to send this message out to the fans and future fans of this band - please spread the word if you like what we're doing. We plan on touring and doing some big things, so having people to come play for is not just an honor but a privilege.

A big thank you goes out to all of you who are making this ride happen and we'll see you very soon!