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Habanera...and why it's on here

Hey! Day 1: added the Studio demo track...has lots of different vocal styles on there and a sampling of the various bands/performances I've participated in.

The second one, Habanera Hybrid...yeah that strange little piece? :) Well, I had this idea of doing a really earthy, but modern version of Bizet's Habanera aria from Carmen...sort of give it some juice I've always wanted to hear in it. Well, I dont play any instruments except I figured I could get the feeling I wanted out of a simple mix on Garageband, because it was really the vocal styling I was after.

Well, so its just a rough VERY rough version of what I had in mind. Maybe someday it will get some real production value and a bit more time spent, but this is as raw of "Melissa" as you can get, fumbled notes, bad French and all.

I plan on uploading some other little things like this, that don't really fit in Echoterra or elsewhere but are just collecting dust on the Macbook. Better get them out there before they get too outdated. ;)