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Shamelessly Whoring Themselves Out!!!

Do these guys ever stop? Hell no! Toy Store Riot has been working hard these last few months, adding new guitar player Jonny, recording demos for they're upcoming releases, playing a show here and there, avoiding the wagon, destroying stuffed animals and spreading the glory and wonder that every Rioteer yearns for! They have new demos out (see links below) and an EP soon to follow. So... It's time to start booking and begging for shows. They'll play your sisters wedding, your cousins bar mitzvah, or your uncle Larry's funeral. Does your niece need an opener for her 3rd grade piano recital, they're on it. Need evil spirits expelled from your home, they're experts. Have a house party that needs a little kick, they'll trash it. And of course, if you need a band for your next punk rock show, they'll make you're ears bleed!!! Will play for cash, booze, sexual favors, free tattoos, precious metals or gemstones, empty promises, or even just a chance to incite a riot or make the national news... For Booking contact J at toystoreriot@yahoo.com


J and your friends @ Toy Store Riot





Are You Ready?

Yeah, they've been taking some time off to organize their chaotic lives, drink themselves into oblivion, do a little testicle scratching, and even work on some new material. But now that they've gotten their proverbial shit together... (drum roll please) some big things are going to be happing for the Toy Store Riot crew. First order of business... heading into the studio to lay down the first "official" offering to appease the masses and finally share an accurate portrayal of their fucked up vision with the world and most importantly YOU... the fans! So get ready for the new EP dropping sometime this spring, it's been a long time coming and they can't wait to get it into your dirty little hands. Once the recording process is underway, next on the list is adding a second guitar. After finally developing a definitive sound, the trio is understanding their limitations as a 3 piece and it's time to add a little depth and gain a little freedom for vocalists J and Mikey (not to mention give the boys a chance to play with some of their other toys). Last but absolutely not least, the gang's gonna be booking shows to test the waters with some of the new tunes and most importantly to promote our upcoming release. So, get your livers primed and ready, hide your mothers and your daughters, stock up on ear plugs, and save your energy kiddos because Toy Store Riot is coming and they're burning and boozing everything in their way and leaving the destruction in their wake. Be afraid... BE VERY AFRAID. For booking info contact J at toystoreriot@yahoo.com.

P.S. Doesn't everyone want to be LIKED!





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