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Weekendmixtape.com Is The Newest Music Platform For You

Wake N Bake time to part take... In all the music that Antonio Jackson has created not all has been heard. We appreciate our fans and listeners so we would like to give you more of Antonio Jackson here at @Toniojackmusic. Hardcore fans step up because, if you think you have heard all his music you must be fooled. We drop fa di 2015 a mixtape that was inspired by a new website to help promote artist called www.weekendmixtape.com by Jerry Blue@jayceodpromoter. This website has a great modern look and is fairly new which makes it a great platform because it is not saturated. Upon joining this site Antonio Thought this would be a great way to introduce material that has been recorded but, never released. Compared to 2pac by is cousin, Antonio Jackson has a few albums of songs recorded with unreleased material only enjoyed by the closes of friends and family. Now for the first time ever Antonio is releasing some of these songs from the vault on a Mixtape Titled, "Wake N Bake". The album ft live sounds of smoking, talks of basement parties and even being high with females. Some of it may be controversial. Listen here upload your music www.weekendmixtape.com


DON'T BAKE WITH OUT IT One day after the major release of his hot single "Fire" all over the app market; 4 months after releasing his debut album to major stores like iTunes, Spotify and Google Play the chart topping Reverbnation artist is back with an entirely new album. This spanking new underground mixtape will be released on the newest mixtape platform www.weekendmixtape.com

Antonio Jackson is presenting a compilation of a yrs worth of unreleased music.The album content feature songs with titles such as "Bag", "Ready For Me", "Ride & Light It Up", which may shine a ray of light on the concept of the album. With Marijuana becoming nationalized for medicinal purposes Antonio Jackson feels like legalization for recreational usage is half a step away. Antonio Jackson says the song "Bag" was both inspired by Snoop Dogg and dedicated to him. Though the album is still a work in progress you can listen to the singles only at www.weekendmixtape.com

Antonio Jackson Puts Fire To App Stores.

Oops he did it again!

Antonio Jackson has released another well done single. Not only it the single called "Fire" fans & supporters agree it is a Hot single. But, is it hot enough? For now this is as high is the temperature gets with this #1 Reverbation artist who continues to top the Reverbnation charts & spread is music from the web to the app stores at your finger tips.

Today 7/7/15 was the release of this freestyle hit that has potential to top the charts. This is the 3rd single released by this Established artist to the public at large. iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Beats Music, and the new Apple Music are just a few of the retailers proud to sale Antonio Jackson's new single. You can download the single or listen in all major music retailers. Just search Antonio Jackson and the rest should happen magically.

The Struggling Artist: Pimpn Music

Waa Gwan, Fans, Friends, & Supporters. My team is excited to share another drop with you. I wanna start by saying a lot of people don't understand the hard work that goes into producing an artist. From the underground to the majors everything is a numbers game and hustle grind. Whether an artist gets paid or not it is always work. The musician has become like a modern day Pimp to his/her music. I write, mix, master. record, design the album etc. and everything else I don't do like, marketing for example I pay a professional to do. So what am I saying? I am saying "keep in mind the next time you see a artist ask you to listen to there music, remember they are in the same struggle as you if not worse so give that person a chance and, if they are good don't be afraid to do what it takes to become a fan and show support. I would like to dedicate this song "Pimpn Music" to the struggling artist who is going thru some of the things I been thru. This is also dedicated to your struggle as just a Pimp/Worker/Hustler in life. What ever you do to bring money home is yo #PimpFlow. You can find the song on www.reverbnation.com/antoniojay or www.toniojackmusic.com and download it to listen to where you and share with your friends on and offline. Pimpn Music video will be coming soon to #Youtube. You can find out more on this and view samples of the video when you follow me on #Instagram and #Vine @Toniojackmusic. There you can see the amazing sketch effect used to create the video and other interesting videos and pics I may post. The video was filmed in my neighborhood home of #Omaha, NE. I filmed it all in one shot with my #iPhone so the turn out maybe pretty surprising some of you. "Pimpn Music" will becoming to an app store near you. Stay tuned for more blog news on yours truly.

Antonio Jackson-Exclusive Update-Press Release

Explosive News! Yea indeed ya boi is back from d tomb with special announcements, and updates! But first we must make a call to all the Antonio Jackson fans to represent because Antonio Jackson is making big move these days. For starters He is on fire on #Reverbnation Ranking #1 in his genre 5 yrs straight before the streak was recently broken. Of course he is back on top at #1 in his genre and still rising in the National (11), Global (17) and local (2)charts; where he was currently #1 and resides at #2 still on the rise. Speaking of fire Antonio Jackson's spanking new single "Fire" will be dropping 7/7/15 online on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Rdio, Rhapsody, Dr Dre's Beats Music, Shazam & EchoMusic by Reverbnation. Even better drop, is that you can listen to music like The Realest & Turn Up by Antonio Jackson available on these same apps. Antonio Jackson has released lots of albums underground but, his debut LP self titled Antonio Jackson was released earlier this yr on itunes, Google Play & previously mentioned. The date was 2/7/15 of the release and sold about 12,000 copies in the first week and is still racking up in the sales department. Now for the special announcement! We are inviting all bloggers, writers, journalist to write about Antonio Jackson's Journey To The Mainstream. You can follow him on twitter @Toniojackmusic where you can stay updated with news to write about weather it be a song review, an interview, an Album review video review or some news you found interesting. Why? Because if you listen to the music, pay attention to the stats and accomplishments one could easily see he is on his way to not only to completing his goal but, possibly becoming the next big thing since Michael Jackson. Be sure to stop by the new website www.toniojackmusic.com to catchup on recent music and videos. More news to come. Stay tuned. Shout out to Reverbnation

Antonio Jackson Music Available Now On iTunes

Immediate Press Release November 19th, 2014 #1 Artist of reverbnation.com Antonio Jackson released his first debute single "The Realest" on 10/25/14 produced by Crunchy White. Only 5 days later 10/30/14 his second debute "Turn Up" was released to the public with no hesitation. This unsigned artist has been making waves in the industry recording with TPain, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Becky G. Miley Cyrus, and Ne-Yo to name a few. Both singles, The Realest & Turn up is available on iTunes. You can also find them on Beats Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Rhapsody, Google Play, eMusic, Shazam Rdio & Nokia Myxer etc. Download these sizzling hits at our home site www.antoniojacksonmusic.wix.com/antoniojay or download direct "The Realest" iTunes smarturl.it/tfbq7n; "Turn Up" iTunes smarturl.it/d1jp6x Antonio Jackson has performed with Mims, Youg Buck, Black Eye Peas, & Pit Bull. This Artist is one diamond in the rough just waiting to be discovered among the the bold and the beautiful.

Antonio Jackson New Single on Amazon

I am proud to announce that Antonio Jackson music is available on pauseandplay.com & the letter "o"is one of the most used letters in the alphabet. With over 20 songs for download Antonio has released his first song using autotune. Due to financial and technical difficulty we are in a bit of a situation when it comes to recording in the studio....the studio we had is gone.... non existent. Thank Jobs for iPhone, because that is what was used to record Antonio's newest single "The Realest." The single is a non written work that screams review from the buyer, because of its hit potential. "The Realest" was created in the basement of Antonio's on the south side of Omaha. It was a spontaneous recording that features Gun J. local rapper outta Miami posted in Omaha. A week after featuring on TPain's "Motivated" Antonio is now listed in Amazon.com music store. "The Realest" single will also be showing up in other retailers like eMusic, Google Play, iHeartRadio, & iTunes to name a few. After your purchase you can leave a review to share what you think. If your review is good we will give you a #Shout on Twitter to over 80k followers. Bonus; buy "The Realest" T-shirt at our store "Bag of Chips" & get "The Realest" single free! http://www.dizzyjam.com/products/54704/ Buy "The Realest" by Antonio Jackson at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OTNUUEK/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00OTNUUEK&linkCode=as2&tag=10e634-20&linkId=DHVX2YCRHWFMR6DS

Antonio Jackson, Afrika Bam & Becky G Remake.

We decided to part ways with Afrika Bam and his team do to unclear differences. After about a month of discussion we just didnt seem all to convince things would pan out as planned. Either way I am back to introduce the newest remake with Becky G ft. myself. I heard this sonG and I just had to remake it. Go check it out and download it to ad it to your playlist in your phone. I recorded this in like an hour. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening Check out "Play It Again (Remake) Becky G ft; Antonio Jay" http://www.reverbnation.com/antoniojay/song/19220566-play-again-remake-becky-g-ft-antonio

Antonio Jackson Emailed By Afrika Bambaataa

Hard work pays off! Yesterday was the beginning of a new level in my journey. I normally don't check my emails because I assume their is nothing really that important in there for me to check it everyday. Right? Since I was on myspace with 7,000 followers in 2006 I have been getting some offers here and there. Some were legit and landed me shows and opportunities. Others for what ever reason just didn't fall thru. Not to mention the many manipulators and exploiters out here who can't really do anything for me but offer me a spot on there mixtape or, a local show where they will make money off me and other artist presence. I tend to over look these things in my email sometimes. I have learned I should check my email more often because, not only did I miss some important emails I had an email sent to me by the Godfather of Hip Hop himself.... Afrika Bambaataa. If you listen to Hip Hop and don't know who he is you should do some research. This is one of the biggest legends in the game. Here is a copy and past of the actual email. (As I am waiting for my page to load I see there is another response email form Godfather Bam waiting to be opened) Afrika Bambaataa Jun 15 to me "Brother Antonio Jackson I had the honor of reviewing your material on your website as well as other links in respect to your music! Long story short reach out to this Brother (Medina) and ask him to give you a quote on five markets in radio. I assure you of this matter once you are reaching the masses on radio the rest as they say is history. If he needs to verify just tell him to call me. Peace.Love.Unity. That brother info as follow

Godfather Bam..." Now of course I had to remove all their contact info but, I was amazed and at the same time puzzled. Could this be the real Afrika Bambaataa...The "Planet Rock" Bambaataa? I had alotta of mixed emotions at this time. I decided to call Quest Fax about his offer and come back to this because I had no question about who Quest Fax is. He schooled me on somethings in the game and how local artist need to stop thinking local. We talked about an hour about registrations with ascap (who I am apart of) and the importance of being prepared in the industry. It is more grime then we think and he was telling me how to look out for snakes. I get back to Afrika Bambaataas email and decide to call Medina who Bam referred me to. I asked Sam and Jiynx what they thought and if they can help me do some research on them before I call. Sam said "Could Medina be Beaney Medina? Hmmm. I finally call and get know answer. "Damn" I thought..."Here we go again." I emailed Afrika Bambaataa about this and he emails back an apology with the updated number saying "Keep me up dated brother." I call and get no answer. I decided to send a text and low and behold I got the first response."Who gave you my number and who are you?" Now if you know a lil about industry "cats" you should know that they do not like to be contacted unexpectedly so you better have a damn good reason to have there number other wise you are just wasting there's and your time. I told him "Afrika Bambaataa hit me up in a email awhile back. Told me I should call u for the quote. My name is Antonio. Medina's Reply " Ok call me so I can hear what's the deal!" We talked for almost an 2 hours. He schooled me way more then Quest Fax on the industry ties and what to expect. How to present yourself in the industry to Record labels. By the end of the conversation my mind is so blown I don't even know what to think of Hip Hop anymore. I was to send him the email that Godfather Bam sent me for verification that I was sent by Bam and some tracks so he could here them. I now have another reply that I must go read. I will keep you updated on this matter and others as we always try to.Until next time always believe in your dreams. We are doing big things and will continue to do so. Thanx to all the supporters fans, fam, and real friends for the support. AntonioJay

New look for Antonio Jackson Website?

After the success of our first website we felt it was time for a change. I was up all nite creating merchandise for store while thinking about a new explosive but simple look for the new AntonioJacksonMusic website. While the website is currently under construction, we will publish the website page by page. This way you don't have to wait months to see the entire website and you can watch it grow like an add on. We appreciate you as a fan and we want to give back by giving you the best experience in life we can. We are even working on have the online store attached to the website. The best part is there will be free music downloads and more! Stay tuned for this and more from yours truly.