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One Earth - a cooperative song!

Dear friends, in June 2010 French musician Yann Sol Mar and I, German singer songwriter Akim Jensch, had the idea to write a common song. Then we could get Taxt Driver (France) and Kristine Failla (USA) enthousiastic about the idea of a common song, too! Now, after nearly one and a half years, the common song "One Earth" has been finished! Unfortunately our cooperator Taxi Driver had some personal trouble and couldn't contribute to the song so far. After a while Kristine, I and Yannick decided to finish "One Earth" as a shortened three-headed cooperative song, giving Taxi Driver the opportunity to add his Spanish verse later, when he will be back on his feet again. "One Earth"is a song about the hope to overcome war, trouble and global conflicts, because there is just one "flag" to follow: To live together in common respect and harmony on this "One (and only) Earth". Yannick sings the first verse in French, Akim the second in German and the third verse Kristine in American English. The basic guitar line is played by Akim, the wah wah guitar is played by Yannick. The additional solo guitar is played by Akim, too. At the end of the song all artists sing together the word "Imagine". We all should imagine how it could be if this vision came true...! Peace, Frieden, paz, paix to all of you!! Singer songwriter Akim Jensch, Osnabrück, Germany on Dec.24th,2011

Some stages of life

Dear Reverbnationers,

for all my fans and friends who don't speak German I want to give some information about me and my music.

I was born on June 5th in 1967. Since the age of 6 I make music. My first instrument I learned was the recorder. This kind of flute I played until the age of 12, then my musical taste changed rather rapidly...*gg* When I was 10 years old, I got my first guitar lessons. Since then I play the acoustic guitar. I've never tried playing the electric guitar and I've never tried playing the acoustic guitar with a guitar pick...*lol*

When I was 13 I made the acquaintance of the clarinet. I was really faszinated by this warm sounding instrument and started to play it. A little bit of jazz, much classical and also some German folk music! Unfortunately my ambitions grew too high and my high expectations became more and more unrealistic. This nearly broke my heart and I went through a hard time of depression, which ended in stopping to play the clarinet and finishing my dreams about becoming a professional clarinet player.

Fortunately I still played the guitar. My first song I wrote with the age of 15 and already this song expressed my emotions, feelings and thoughts of weakness, particularly inner uncertainty, emotional pressure and the loss of hope for life.

Today I have the strong belief that guitar playing and expressing my dark side of my heart and soul helped me surviving this cruel teenager time.

After school and during my alternative service I wrote many songs I don't know at all today because I've lost all my lyrics from this very creative time.

In 1988 I started to study educational science and finished it in 1996. During this time I played as a guitar bass player in several regional "folk and oldies" and "folkrock" bands. After my studies I continued playing in my favorite regional band "Fish in the room" as bass player and also as background singer.

In 2003 "Fish in the room" fell apart and I didn't have the slightest interest in joining another band. I continued writing my own songs. In the winter of 2004/2005 a strong feeling appeared in me causing me to think about my musical perspectives again. After some weeks of thinking intensively about it I came to the conclusion to try it once more - playing my music publicly - but this time without band. I decided to remember myself to my singer songwriter roots and changed my musical identity again. In early summer 2005 I became singer songwriter Akim Jensch.

This was a real turning point! Music became a driving force in my life! Expressing myself in my own personal way in my mother tongue with my self-written songs wiped away all the tears of my past and I received new and powerful belief in life again! :)))

At the end of 2006 I also founded the folk acoustic duo "Tina Voice & Akim Jensch" together with my dear wife Tina. Since then Tina and I play a mixture of self-written German and English songs, enriched with some Celtic traditionals and some compatible cover songs.

In the summer of 2007 our common friend Marco Hornig joined our duo and sometimes we also perform some trio gigs as the "Akim Jensch Trio". Marco plays cajon, djembe, electric and acoustic guitar. So you can imagine that there is a vast variety of sound characters in our trio gigs.

So after all I've also found my way back to band music again!

But no matter whether I stay on stage solo, duo or trio - music is magic and I enjoy every second on stage as if it was the last second of my life!

Love, peace and music!

Your singer songwriter Akim Jensch :)

Alexander Oblivion
Alexander Oblivion  (over 5 years ago)

Thank you for the kind words, Akim. Listening to you now and enjoying thoroughly. Your music speaks volumes! AlexO

Akim Jensch
Akim Jensch  (over 3 years ago)

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, dear Alexander! Best greetings from singer songwriter Akim Jensch :)

My congenial musical partner C.U.

In March 2009 I met Gregory Demos on MySpace, a fantastic singer songwriter and poet from North Carolina. After reading some of C.U.'s (Gregory's artist's name) poems, I was so deeply touched by the intensity of his poetry that I asked him to give me the chance to melodize his poem "Hope" that impressed me very deeply. It was o.k. for C.U. and I tried it. His response was overwhelming! He offered me his musical collaboration - and meanwhile C.U. and I have written 39 collaborative songs (until 2013). The virtual meeting with Gregory as well as with his poetry gave me much power, energy and vitatlity! Today I can definitely say that dealing with C.U.'s poetry also helped me regaining faith in myelf and in life again in a very heavy period of my life in 2009, after the release of my album "Meine Reise (my journey), when I had to deal with exxagerated personal expectations again and depressive periods and really thought of giving up music forever. So bless god that he let cross my and C.U.'s path! :)) C.U. has become a congenial musical partner I don't want to miss him at all - he gave and gives me inspiration and shows me "The way to the light" (the title of one of C.U.'s poems). Love, peace and music! Akim :)