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In the beginning....

Hey everybody! So this is the first blog by In Union. I've always been a fan of bullet statements. Keeps things nice and organized. So without further ado.... 1.) The ball is rolling. We've obviously formed and come up with a name. You would think naming a band would be a really fun thing, and it is, to an extent. The biggest down side is getting everyone to agree on a name. It never fails that everyone has their own idea of what a "cool" name is. There's a story to our name, but I'm not going to share it just yet. I want to build anticipation! muahahaha For now, lets just say everyone was cool with In Union. ;) 2.) We've written 2 original songs. The first, entitled "Spin" was just a quick, poppy song we whipped together to get a feel for each other and see what we could do in a short period of time. It's a neat little song, but I wouldn't put my money on it tearing up the radio stations. lol Our second song "Exile" however, I think is a good barometer of what this band can do. Our first REAL song has come out strong, and one would think it can only get better from here! I can't wait to pump out some more stuff!! 3.) We had our first photo-shoot, and it turned out GREAT!!! A big thanks to Ben Winters for making us look way better than we actually look!! lol 4.) We've booked our first show. It's a Wednesday night show at America's Pub in OKC. Not the highest profile gig in the world, but it's a great starting point. It will give us a little stage time together, and it gets the name In Union out into the public. We're all really excited about it, and hope those who plan on attending are as excited as we are! 5.) What's in the near future for the band? Well, we still need to get a banner printed up for our live shows. We want to get some merch...t-shirts, stickers, demos, etc...write more music, book more shows, drink some beers...you know, the usual stuff! Well, I think that's a good starting blog. It's good to feel like things are moving forward, and I think things are moving forward at a nice pace. Can't beat that with a stick! Until next time... Keep Rockin'! Clint