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Going Strong

19th March 2012

More good news for us on the song writing front.......'Drive By Shooting' has won The Dirctors Award for the Paramount International Song and Lyric contest. 'This Letter' won the same award last year. We are really pleased and have more originals to come. Don't forget to listen to Daves new tunes, just follow the link below. 'That'll Do Nicely' is still being used for the US tv pilot. Lots going on and we are booking up more shows as we speak.

Fun in the Studio

Hi everyone, and many thanks for all your kind words.We have really been enjoying our live gigs here in the Southwest UK, and we have had a great time recently in the studio recording some more original material.Tash wrote some lovely songs, wich we recorded, and we were pleased to have the assistance of a good friend of ours who happens to be an ace drummer.....it always helps to know the right poeple!! I Sometimes Tash and I write together, but mostly we present each other with our songs during rehearsal. I wrote a couple as well and you can find "I wish Simon Cowell Was My Dad" on youtube, or on this site. Remember you can find us on www.southernfolk.moonfruit.com. Take it easy...Dave and Tash.

A great year

Hey, We have had a great 2010. It was a great privledge to be apart of the group Southern County that had their last gig together in July. We spent about 5 years together and played many of the art centres and theatres in the South West, we had a ball. It was great to finish it up with being a finalist for the ukcountry.com listeners award. So Southern Folk have had a great start, spent some time in the studio and are continuing to write. We are really looking forward to performing alongside The Blind River Scare and Nicky Swann in December. Thanks to all that have supported us and continue to do so. We look forward to 2011.