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Been on hiatus a while...

Been working as a drummer in an established band named "History Repeated", fronted by John Stabb from G.I. but I am itching to get some new and improved RotB music out there. Thanks for the support, much love, and happy and safe holidays!

Landed a bassist still seek drummer...

The daunting task of finding an available sludge drummer in the DC area continues. Pretty sure most people into heavy music would love sludge but don't know what it is. Go check out Kylesa or Witchfinder General or The Melvins or something. I'm pretty sure I don't know what it is either, but I know it kicks ass! Welcome Bugsy of Atomic Music fame and fortune on the bass geetar.

Officially trying to fill out a power-TRIO

Actively seeking drummer and bassist!!!

I have had great fun and got very enthusiastic reception at my first few shows, but it just seems like I could really take things up to level 11 by turning this Boar thing into a three piece band. Need an Al Cisneros-ish bassist and a Bill Ward-ish drummer. Put an ad out on craigslist even though poking through craigs for the entire year of 2009 didn't yield jack squat... we'll see if things are a little different now that my recordings and writing have much improved and I have 100's of awesome fans on RN.

I can't stop writing :(

I got this awesome show coming up and I just can't stop the tapes from rolling. Oh well, I think I'll get by practicing 3 times before the sweet sweet Salon show. there's gonna be like 100 people there. I like not having a manager, a label, other band mates and my mom's in a different state. I can play whatever the fk and whenever the fk I want!!! \oo/

Got some time to write music before the next show...

Baby Jeesebus bless the folks at the collective for having me on the line up for the art salon! If the gods are with me I'll have one or 5 new tracks ready for the show. Playing shows is where my heart is, but I much prefer writing new material to practicing and perfecting older stuff. Are my priorities askew? Oh and thanks to all my friends [as well as strangers] that put up with my endless internet solicitation. At least I'm peddling devil music as opposed to porno or viagra. Rock on!

...time to get ready for this JAXX show...

Support Local Music!!! Screw EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal !!! I think I settled into my nice and lucky #13 spot on the Rockville/DC area rock charts and I dig it. After pumping out 2 recent tracks (Alien Mind, and SunStorm) a video and a 7 song demo CD in the last 2 weeks or so, it's be time to get serious about that there JAXX show. Hope to see you there and I'll gift you a CD. Cheers \oo/

Top 20 in DC area rock whoop!... and other crap

Had an awesome "show for one" at the most beloved Lamont Street Collective. Many folks heard the set, but none came down to witness my nerves and sheer volume clashing. Luckily we got 50% of it on Video... so look for some live basement videos soon. New logo up \oo/ Throw up some fucking tusks! Even sold a goddamn shirt with that on there, whoop!

Thanks to all my friends, fans, cooperative bands, and peeps to help me get in the top 20 in my area in my genre in like 15 days!!! I am just mother frikkin gettin started!

Coming show, new logo, throw up some tusks for da boar \oo/ whoo hah!

Sounds like the battle of the bands is going on strong on the 29th. Show starts at 6, so people can actually go. Gonna start whorin for ticket sales soon. There's at least one christian band and my band is ... well...not so much. So it's like a mini preview to armeggedon... sweet! Since I'm an idgjet and can't design a shirt, going to make one with simple text on it like this: \oo/ ritual of the boar Hopefully i can get them designed and for sale soon and for under 10$. Lemme know if you think it's totally a stoopit idea. Boars unite!

Latest News (show, underground show, last.fm)

After the presale tickets to the Jaxx show came in with the wrong band name (Ritual of the Bear -- teehee) and wrong date... I haven't yet received the replacement tickets for that show. Show still not mentioned on jaxxroxx.com... makes me wonder.

My old time mate MCUP of ez-play misfortune and mis-fame has offered to let me play a people viewed practice in the basement of the collective this weekend. I am very jazzed about that.

Just submitted Fields, Miss You, Chop, and House Alien to last.fm. Been meaning to do that for the better part of a year. Hopefully grab some air time that a way. Check it out if you must. Cheers, love, and baby blood.


One man bands are F-in busy!

I got so much sht to do, it's hard to figure out where to start. Having a gig lined up makes practice at the top of the list, but after that... should I be recording more garage quality new tracks?... polishing recordings of the existing tracks?... or making a home video? If anyone out there has an opinion, let me know, and I'll email you a bonus track! Life from the Boar Pen.... Boarman