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today was the most beautiful day


today was the most beautiful day here in nyc clear with puffy white clouds and a soft fall wind.

I forgot how many different languages are spoken here. Just walking down one block you can here at least 3 different ones I found myself almost purchasing a watch that spoke the time in German… almost.

Today Alex deCarville my wonderfully talented drummer arrives. I am really looking forward to the next couple days. Noah Wheeler will be accompanying us on bass this week. He recently sent me a link to his new band When Perry Went Home (myspace.com/whenperrywenthome) The song ‘ dad’ is so cool, I can’t stop listening to it!!

Walking around this morning I found myself in a store… The store was selling magazines, t-shirts, books and random Japanese toys. It also had a headless, naked, tattooed, pregnant mannequin wearing lace up boots on display as you walked in…I found one magazine called Lodown. Within it I found an artist I’d never heard of before, Noah Butkus. His art is so amazing… I won’t attempt to describe it.

You can find more about him and his incredible work on www.noahbutkus.com

More to come…