Video Shoot

Our live show will be the subject of a video shoot at Full Sail in Winter Park, Florida on November 21. This is our first real shoot and we plan on taking it over the top!.

Check it out in the UK


Ultimate Band Series

Sweet Oblique live w/ 4 other great bands....August 28th

Local Revolt Music Series

...this Saturday 2pm to 12am...hOly CrAp ....at least 13 bands with lotsa other entertainment going on too! The Sweet go on at 3:20 pm...be there or be...somewhere else.

Mini Fest

Comin' up next....Saturday Social in Seminole Heights- A Concert Event- March 2


Last nite's show was amazing. May the mother alien take me now, for it doth not get any better than that. I freakin' love this band. I am so proud of these people who are not only top notch musicians who make me look like a genius, but I also can list as great friends. -pboss

Sweet Oblique gets distribution

As of December 8, Sweet Oblique will enjoy digital distribution of 3 singles on worldwide Itunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Amazon Mp3. Life really is sweet.


We recently scored a gig at a fantastic new club in Ybor City [Tampa], Collage Ybor. To top it off, it's on Guavaween Oct. 29th, during the huge annual celebration. Collage has 3 bars [that I can count], a mammouth tiki style patio with a big stage, and a beautiful stage backed by a wall of mirrors inside. Can't wait for this one.

Shows to go....

The Pegasus show was a test indeed. Watching a cat juggler would be more predictable than how the club owner moved the band slots around. We went on last and the response was really good. On the horizon, the new and huge-er Orpheum, Aug. 5th. Working on The Crowbar in Ybor, Tampa's answer to the Crocodile, in Seattle. This makes us all warm and fuzzy on the inside.....please stay tuned!