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Peace in the Valley

Dedicated to Deacon Luther Polite, who was my Deacon at Bethel Baptist Church for most of my life, who passed away earlier this year and I didn't get to say goodbye...This was his song and is dedicated to the Polite family with LOVE! -Judith M. Snow

QUAAL's Cry...

Today I posted a song that no musician would ever want to materialize... QUAAL's Cry. The death of my mother has changed everything, yet it has changed nothing at all. We were basically binary... I came from her and physically I was younger than her, but spiritually we were about the same age. So when I lost her I lost my other half so to speak. Everyone who knows me, knows how close we were but didn't realize "why" we were so close. I realize that I became who I thought my mother wanted me to be from about 2005 to her passing. Why I did that, I have absolutely no idea... however... Don't get me wrong, I am VERY GLAD that I did exactly what she wanted me to do with my life. I wouldn't change it for the world. To know that my mother was very satisfied with me and that she let so many people in the community know just that is beyond satisfying. It is grief counseling 101... I am so glad I made her proud and made her happy. I am so glad that I listened to God and obeyed his commandments while I had my mother. Of course in a few days I will be heading to Seattle to commemorate my mother with friends and family and of course fans... but this is not the most joyful of vacations, but rather... a closure. I will travel with her picture as if she was with us... even though, she cannot be with us in the flesh... God is with us in spirit. And, God is all that matters. My mother and I were extremely close because she was aware of "who" I was... and she told a few people..but also told me to "tuck that away" so to speak... God gave me the name Quaal because that is who I was in my past lives. I will always be Quaal and male in diety. No I am not homosexual and never will be. I never will condone homosexuality either. But I am "male" so to speak in spirit, and always will be. It is not always easy admitting the truth, but the truth sets us all free... and that is a beautiful thing. The lord reminds me everyday that before he made me, he knew me... and he knows ALL of me... and I love him for that. With that said, please enjoy my newest singles, QUAAL's Cry and Like the First Time... they both will be available along with other great songs on my upcoming album The Uncontrolled, to be released Winter 2015. Also a small fashion line is in the works along with a host of other Insurance business entities. I will keep you posted! I love you, more! -JMS

In loving memory of my Grandparents...

You sacrificed so much for the State of SC... You will never be forgotten...Dr Thomas and Isabella Dixon... Mom.. I LOVE YOU!!!! So much!!! So, much... Copy and paste into your browser my fans!!! http://www.scstatehouse.gov/query.php?search=DOC&searchtext=Dr.%25&category=LEGISLATION&session=0&conid=7413963&result_pos=175&keyval=1131269&numrows=25

Kabobs on the grill...

After such a horrific May, theres only one thing a girl can do as the 1 month anniversary of her mother's passing approaches... GRILL!!! CHILL!!! and be STILL!! Stay blessed and remember... GOD FIRST!!!

ISIS AKA "Throne"

Yes, watch the throne ladies and gentlemen... keep your eyes on Jerusalem... God help us.

Music is my Life...

But my fans are my soul... I thankyou so much for all of the positivity that you show me everyday, it just makes me feel so "Alive".. and speaking of that song, I wrote that song for my love over 5 years ago, can you believe its been THAT "short"? No, neither can I, but guess what, I still feel the same way about my man today as when I first wrote that song. I remember sitting in the studio booth and Carlos and his wife were working hard... trying to get that mic right!!! LOL!! ANITA!!! If your out there holla at me... the south isn't the same since you bailed for NYC... LOL!!! Those were the days...I remember getting all dolled up because I couldn't wait to get my song "done".. and when it was finished, I took it to my boy MATT!! And it went from a block of butter to silk... LOL!!! He still has that magic touch and is still roaming the big bad streets of Savannah!! I Love my life... maybe sometimes a little too much. You know, like I said... the BEST part is YOU! I do it because its what I was BORN to do... and you were born to CONSUME every little note morsel on the plate!! I love it! Keep supporting me.. keep supporting independent music because, guess what... in 10 more years... you'll say... that "Child of Pluto" told me so!!! You deserve a free copy of Alive... cause thats how you make feel... so here goes.. this whole weekend, from now until Sunday... you can get dat thang!!! I LOVE YA!! Support Heifer International... keep supporting Spotify...especially REVERBNATION, cause they are the platform that's doing the MOST for us little people... little "notes"...Haha! Blessed Be!!

Loving YOU is so easy for me to do!!!

I am so greatful to have you as a fan. You just don't know how much you mean to me. I started recording music over 11 years ago and I never imagined that the internet and Reverbnation would help me take my career to this level. I do it for you. You deserve good music which is completely lacking in todays industry. I strive to keep it "good". I once had a producer tell me that "they don't need good music" and to this day, I reflect very negatively upon that statement. Needless to say, we certainly didn't go a bit further and I haven't answered his phone calls since. I cannot stand for that. Good music equals a Good world. I am transitioning back into my comfortable zone of pop or inspirational pop and I hope that you transition with me. This is gonna be music that you can ride to, you can relax to and you can play in front of ANYBODY and not be embarrassed. Your gonna love it!! So put on your headphones, grab a pillow, and come along with me to another world. I present to you my latest creation, Child of Pluto. Enjoy! Kisses!!!!