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sorry RONNIE!

Uhm.. I feel humbled yet not completely guilty... Ronnie didnt call me for 3 weeks becasue he had a kidney infection or something... seems I might have jumped to conclusions.... live and learn!

2nd chances

Ronnie the "motivated" drummer mae a pact to show up every friday at noon... I think he has an inability to take responsibility... It's weird, I contacted a venue in Denver to play with a band in a few months, then ended up taking a quick acoustic gig - the gig is for fun... then the "serious" gig with band was to be a few months later... However... It seems that bands kind of suck... which is what drives people into DIY - do it yourself. If I can pull off my tunes acoustic and deliver the krease and have the same amount of fun without babysitting a band, being then free to come and go as I please, then maybe I should just keep on this acoustic path . the original scheme was to move myself into "Cowtowns Revenge" a solo act, and leave "tender krease" for recordings... this move might not be my choice if I cant get it together with these Nebraska types.. thanks for reading! TK


New drummer... been working on a few songs - it's fun - trapped in nebraska not fun... Re-did an old anti bush enron evil bastard song called "no shame" - drums sloppy - there's nothing wrong with going back once in a while to make something better because you are a better artist than when you wrote it, or whatever... that sounded pompous... like rebuilding your house when you have better knowledge or tools... but going into the past just kind of sucks for me and I really like to move my head and writing forward - I dont feel like I'm progressing or going anywhere when I bring up old songs that I might not really believe in 100% anymore... you write songs when you're in this moment and you sit back when you're done and listen and you're like, holy shit, thats how I feel? Guess so... but then years later, you see yourself as immature and straining... anyway, moving on is good for anyone, life is short...


hey - I want to tour, ALONE. So I am converting my many krease songs into acoustic love ballads. I want to wear something classy and professional and play some dates in Nebraska and colorado - maybe Iowa City - Probably have to lie and tell them I'm a country singer... do some Hank and Cash songs. then sneak out the original ones... the idea of getting a band together and dealing with the drama and excuses, plus the lack of talent, dont want to destroy what ive worked for, but sometimes, shit you got to let go too. Dang. Damn. Many songs being added, recorded, and I'm now amassing a huge collection of CDs from the last 6 years for sale... all the work was done, I just had so much nonstop bullshit to deal with it's amazing I didnt get committed to a loony bin or explode in a purple cloud of krease dust.