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Videos of my songs

I just realized today that more videos are being played than the songs. So I created 2 more videos for "JUST GO". One is the male version and the other the female. Hope you enjoy. Peace!

Tommy J. Mueller sings my song "Just Go"

Check out Tommy J. Mueller's rendition of my song "Just Go", Tommy's an award winning Canadian country music artist and actor for 5 seasons on the hit show on Blackstone. https://www.reverbnation.com/tommyjmueller

Story behind "Just Go"

Every year, twice a year, my husband prepares for hunting season at least 2 weeks prior to leaving. I can always tell: his eyes sparkle, he has a bounce in his step and his speech is the excited banter of a kid the night before Christmas! WTH! I've never been able to stir that kind of excitement in him! (well maybe once) So, what else could I do but write a song about it?! After being married quite a few years, I've learned to find the humor in most situations. After I had the female version done, I thought it would be equally humorous to have a male version done. I hope you like it.

The Story behind the song "Try"

So many people have asked me for the back story behind the song "Try". I thought I'd share it here.

I was a professional singer/songwriter myself up until the late 1980's. I quit the business to be home more for my 14 year old daughter and 7 year old son. The business, as you know, is not very family friendly. Quitting my band was horrible. I literally felt as if a part of me died. But looking back, it was the right thing to do.

Two years later, my daughter was killed in a car accident. Looking back, I thank God that I did quit the band when I did because I would have blamed myself 1000 times more if I was on the road, or on a gig when it happened. After that, for many years I simply survived. I completely shut down myself but had to be a mother, the best I knew how, to my 7 year old son.

I toyed with the idea of writing again, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. 9 months ago, something started to stir in me. I had the inspiration to create a video for an old song I wrote "What Am I 'Sposed To Do?". I created the video as a tribute to my daughter and to anyone who lost a loved one. 3 Weeks after I created the video, almost 5000 people responded in a positive manner. 5000 people in the youtube world may not be a lot, but in my world it was huge. Suddenly, I felt "something" coming to life. I realized then that 5000 people could not be wrong. It lit the spark in me to start writing again.

About a week later, someone on Facebook shared with me a goofy version of the serenity prayer, which I also shared. A friend, mentor of mine messaged me right back "Donna, you've got to put this in a song". My first response: "no way. I don't want to write that song!" Well that night I went to bed "inspiration" work me up at 2:00 am and said "get out of bed and write the song.". I did. While writing the song, I began to realize I was writing my anthem. I had been living in fear and letting fear hold me back. I had been listening to too much negativity. From that point on, whenever I felt afraid, or uncertain of my path, I would sing that song in my head. It set me straight, every time and completely set me free!

My Demos

Just wanted to point out that all of my songs are demos only. As much as I wish it was me singing, It isn't. I used to sing in my band, but nowadays I leave that to the experts. Always looking to have my songs recut by a major artist.

New Videos

I got on a roll and created 2 new videos for "What Am I 'Sposed To Do?" and "Mighty Big Cowboy". It think they add a tremendous lot to the songs. Hope you enjoy.

Update for Video

Well its been 2 weeks since the video went live and I've had 483 hits as of this evening. The most exciting part is that "someone" from Nashville contacted me and is taking the song to his producers for approval to cut a record! Won't say who....not yet! Stay tuned!

Journal to Reactions to Video

I am keeping a journal here of all the reactions to the video. They speak for themselves. Heartbreaking!

**I'm a 'Nam Vet, who rents a room to a Gulf War Vet...who prettymuch Lives What You're Singin'-About here. (I'm exhorcizin' my own Personal Demons by recordin' a CD of Nam-Songs by end-of-Summer, hopefully.) John (Let's call him) is your Classic PTSD "Survivor"...Marine Gunnery Sgt, war-wounded, now perpetually-dodging 2 Warrants from Up-North. WON'T join the DAV since he's facing probable jail-time, if-located. DOES drink excessively/only job he can hold is as an Occasional House-Painter (Which he's good-at, when-sober-enough.)

His "Mistakes" have left him a permanent fugitive...and Alcoholic facing earlier-Death. This country owes him some-better, and Your Song brings-Home that point very-well.

**Good song for Toby Keith, do you know him?

**That was so impressive. I can’t imagine all these people have gone through. You did a fantastic job.

**WOW! that is so true it brought tears to my eye's

**Great song! I love music that encourages us veterans with the invisible wounds of war to feel, face, and heal the pain we carry. I have embedded your video off of Youtube into my "Feel & Heal Music" page on my site. Please let me know if you are cool with that. If you have any other genres of the song I would love to hear them.


With HOPE, Kevin Taylor Executive Director HOPE4PTSDVETS.ORG

New Updated Video

I'm very excited about my new updated video for "Kept It All In And Drank It All Out". This song is and video is dedicated to my father who suffered from PTSD his entire life. I have dedicated my life to getting more support for our soldiers so that they and their families do not have to go through what I did. Please watch the video and help me in my quest. Only God knows where this is going to take me but if I can help one soldier, than my mission is complete. A special thanks to my friend Chick Smaldino for producing the video.

Story Behind "Kept It All In and Drank It All Out"

This song is based on the story of my father. ..Lt.. ..Col.. William Jack Rose, 503rd Airborne Division of the ....US.... Army.� A brilliant man who was tormented his entire adult life by PTSD (post traumatic stress).� Unfortunately, there was no help available for the soldiers of WWII. The only option was to “suck it up, and take it like a man”. Consequently, the only relief he got was from drinking, resulting in blackouts, out of control raging and verbal abuse to all who lived with him, including and mostly my mother.� My father was a great man with a heart of gold who in spite of his problem, commanded respect from whoever had the privilege to know him. He was the one who got me started with music. I owe him so much!