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Ryan Broshear interview on The Mix

We sat down with host of The Mix, Gary Puckett for an in studio interview talking about my new music and what the future holds for it. You can take a listen here at http://tinyurl.com/RyanBroshear

Thanks Country Radio!!

I'm so excited to see how far we've come with my debut single "Let Your Redneck Out". We debuted on the Music Row Chart at #148 just over 13 weeks ago and we're now under 100 and climbing. It has been a dream come true and it is because of some awesome country stations and internet stations around the U.S. that we've come this far. I'd like to give a shout out to these great country stations and a special thanks for supporting my music: Big Country Hits- 102.9- Cheboygan, MI KFAV- 99.9 Today's Hot Country- Warrenton, MO KMGO- Iowa's Country 98.7- Centerville, IA KREK- 104.9- Bristow, OK KTJJ- The Boot 98.5- Farmington, MO WMEV- FM 94 WMEV Radio- Marion, VA Renegade Radio Nashville- www.renegaderadionashville.com - Nashville, TN KXOX- 96.7FM- Sweetwater, TX KVOM- 101.7 FM The Voice of Morrilton- Morrilton, AR KWCK- 99.9FM Continuous Country- Searcy, AR KLMJ- 104.9 Hampton- Hampton, IA WPPL- Mountain Country 103.9 & 94.3FM- Blueridge, GA KKOW- 96.9 "The Kow"- Pittsburg, KS WIFE- 94.3 Hometown Country- Connersville,IN

***Reverb Fan!! If you listen to any of these stations please call and let them know you love the new single. Be glad to return favor if your single is on air in Nashville or Cincinnati.

Ryan Broshear Album making waves

I have been humbled by my recent success. There have been some things happen with my record that I really didn't expect. I knew I had made a great record. I knew from the vibe in the studio the days we recorded it was going to be a great record. However, in these days of music I had no idea where my music could go. I hoped to sell a bunch of records and for my fans to get a chance to have an enjoyable album to listen to but my questions were many. Will radio play it? Will I sell enough to recoup my costs? Will a record label want to sign me? Can I build a tour behind it? All these things have raced through my mind since I started writing the songs on the record. Well slowly some of these questions are getting answered and the last two weeks have especially been awesome. Two weeks ago our album was added to the country music notable page on iTunes. I never thought my album would be placed on the front page of the largest digital distribution site in the U.S. It is the digital equivalent of being displayed in the front music display at Walmarts across the country. How awesome is that?! As if that news wasn't good enough the following week my album received a rave review from one of the premiere country music websites, Roughstock.Com. You have to read this review if you haven't already. Just go to http://www.roughstock.com/reviews/album-review-ryan-broshear All of this news coupled with hooking up five dates in Key West, FL this Summer has me optimistic about the future of my country music career. It all starts with a fan liking the music and me. Please spread the word and you can help me to reach my dreams of being a country music star. I am so appreciative of the support I receive from my fans and I hope to share many more successes with you in the upcoming days and months. See you down the road!

Radio Airplay

I've learned a lot about the music business in the past month I've just released my debut album. As an independent artist it truly is an uphill battle to get your music out there. I've worked to get my music on my favorite country station in Cincinnati, B105 and I've pretty much hit a wall. They won't play it yet and even asked my fans to stop calling. Things like this happen to indy artists like myself because the larger radio stations make money from the record labels to play certain music. I don't have that kind of money behind me. However, I have found a few radio stations that are willing to play my music and are proud that they are. Here is a list of some of the stations that have begun playing my music. *Wildhorse Radio-Ohio (www.wildhorseradio.com) *http://radio.musiciansmusic.net/ Tilden,Illinois *Pure Country 106.1FM Cape Giradeau, MO www.kwkz.com *Renegade Radio Nashville Nashville, TN www.renegaderadionashville.com *Countrytracks Radio The Netherlands http://www.countrytrack.nl/ (Album of the Month in Feb)

These are just a few of the stations giving me airplay. We are also working on Kicks 96 in Richmond, IN who are trying to play us on their internet stream. We are hoping to get many more stations on board in 2012 and who knows where we can go from there. I just wanted to share this information and feel free to let me know of other radio stations that might be receptive. Look for me on Pandora and iHeartRadio in the upcoming months. Hopefully we can get it there too. Thanks for all your support and be ready to dial the request lines in the upcoming weeks.

Ryan Broshear Record Released!

Ryan Broshear has released his brand new self-title album. Produced by long time friend and Joe Nichols' band leader, Daniel Agee has made this independent record sound as good as anything coming out of Nashville. Ryan's new record can be found online at www.cdbaby.com/ryanbroshear . Please give Ryan your feedback and enjoy!

New Originals

Hey everyone. I am new to Reverb Nation. I am liking what I am seeing. Lately I've been writing a lot. I don't really have access to a studio but I wanted to share what I've been working on. These rough acoustic versions are the first music of mine I've ever shared. Let me know what you think of what you hear. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to getting these and other projects to a studio to record it the way I envision it. Until then take it for what it is worth. -Ryan Broshear