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All these Sean McGowan's

With the world getting smaller, digitally, the Sean McGowan's of the planet are running into each other more and more often. What to do? We could form a band! The young guy from the UK could be the lead singer, the Denver based fingerstyle guitarist could be our main guitar player and I'm happy playing bass. Until this fantasy plays out, you'll just have to be satisfied not knowing which Sean McGowan is performing where - when you see on ReverbNation that one of us is performing in Oregon, the UK or Colorado or where have you. And let's not forget about the actor and photographer! Just know you're getting quality - from the Sean McGowan Worldwide Association of Quality Entertainment and Music. (SMAQEM) Cheers!

Sean McGowan of Oregon

Axe & Fiddle show

What a treat to open up for Keith Greeninger on Friday, November 12th at the Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove. Keith and his musical partner, Dayan Kai, were in excellent form. This was the first gig for me with Della Perry on bass and backing vocals - she was great. My pal Artie Leider kicked ass once again on lead guitar. Thanks Artie and Della! A big shout out has to go to my sister Morgan for getting Keith to the A & F and making the show happen.