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Band Managers

We are looking for a band manager to help us book shows and tours, and to help keep us on track. We are at the point where it is a necessity to hire someone, so if anyone is interested or knows someone who is, please contact us.


Greetings! Its been a long time since our last blog, so we figured we better let everyone know what we've been up to these last six and a half years. We found a singer, and lost a drummer, then found a drummer, and lost that drummer. We took a few years off from playing live, and focused on securing a solid drummer, and restructuring our songs to better fit the addition of vocals. Some of you may remember our days as an instrumental band, and while it was great to hear how much everyone liked it, to us it sounded like a big part was missing from our sound. Once we had a drummer we were confident in, we hit the studio and recorded a four song ep titled "Alexandria". We released it at the beginning of 2016 and have been playing shows in and around our local area, trying to branch out a little further each time. Small tours are looking like a possibility in 2017, as well as another EP, this time with 5 songs. We hope everyone enjoys our music and we hope to see you at our shows!

New to ReverbNation

So we're new to ReverbNation. I hope everyone enjoys our music.