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how to get fans?

I have recently been spanked by both facebook and twitter for seeking fans. I may be missing something but why do they think we use them. I have nearly 5000 followers on twitter most of them I don't know...music is our connection.

old hank

I have been drawn to Hank Williams Sr. music lately. I find myself sitting and playing "Cheatin Heart" and "I'm So Lonesome".....great stuff....holy grail of country music!

opened up a youtube account and linkedit

opened up a youtube account today and linked it to reverbnation. I don't know exactly how it is to be used...any suggestions?

Moose Lodge gig

I was invited to join the Big Belly Blue Grass Band at the local Moose Lodge last night. It was a fund raiser event and turn out to be fun and successful. I played "The Eulogy of John Goode" publicly for the first time.

new songs...

I will be recording a few new songs soon...waiting for legal work to return..."It was God", "The Eulogy of John Goode", and "Barmaid's Minuet" are coming soon. Peace be with you, Dave