New EP coming at ya!!!

We are very excited to announce the release of a brand new EP titled "Robots are transient beings without genitalia"

Much Thanks and Upcoming Shows

Crowd response has been great these past few months. You motha fuckas are crazy and we appreciate it! We have two shows coming up at Broadway Joe's on 3051 Main St. in Buffalo. The first is Wednesday May 23rd with The Gates of Slumber and Where She Wept. The next is Friday June 29th with the Contagious Woo. Can't wait to see you there!

Thanks and News

From the frontlines of the rebellion: Guess we should be updating this more often than every six months. My bad, I'll get right on that. First of all, we want to thank everyone for coming to our shows the past few months. When a reviewer gives us accolades for "high energy live performances", he is talking about us feeding off of you. We can only fly the freak flag when you stand beside us. Hearing people sing along, and watching crowds shake some ass is the highest compliment we can get. To everyone taking pictures, and of course Crimson with his video camera- thank you as well.

From the Merch table: Tell us what you want/like/hate. Attention artsy people- designs are always welcome! On that note, keep your eyes peeled here for a contest we will be having this spring. Details to follow.

From the back office: Trying to put together a mini-tour in June. Have a cousin in PA,OH, WV,VA,TN in a like-minded band, or maybe just loves live music as much as you ? We need to know! Tours like we are planning are successful with local support in the towns we visit. Anyone with some vacation time just sitting there can certainly follow us on the road. People followed the Dead for decades and they were neither Killer nor Robotic. Just saying. Bye for now.

Watchmen Studios

We had such a great time during our sessions at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY we instantly booked our next session for mid-March. In the meantime check out our newest songs...