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First Blog - Equipment


Here is the attempt of a first blog as RN requires a blog to "100%" complete your profile -- I figured I would write about the equipment I use.

So first things first, GUITARS:

Gibson Les Paul, blonde wood finish with gold hardware.

Fender Telecaster MIM with Fender Lace Sensors (Blue in neck, Red Dually in bridge), momentary cutoff switch installed between the volume and tone pots -- a la discontinued 90's Telecaster Plus. Red wine finish, black pickguard

Fender Acoustic (black w white trim)

PEDALBOARD (as of right now)

BOSS SD-1 ProCo Rat 2 PH-2 DD-7 (with EV-5 expression attached) Digitech Whammy II

Pedals powered by Voodoo Lab PedalPower (except Whammy which uses stock)

Also have BF-2, TR-2, and VWah, not in line right now


Ebow (for stringed sounds on the guitar) KORG Kaoss Pad 3 (can also plug via MIDI into the Whammy II to control parameters of the pedal through the touchpad)


Fender Deluxe 85 Crate GTD15 (practice amp)