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The Video's DONE!!!

I was in meetings pretty much alllll day yesterday, however they were all very productive. One in particular was w/ the guy who directed the video(4SightPictures) for "So What". I was shown the final draft/edit of the footage he shot and I must say I am very pleased with the outcome! I was lucky to have worked with such an awesome director for my first music video. I was able to trust his competence/knowledge of his craft & focus soley on the performance which in turn made the process so much smoother. I couldnt have done it alone though, my team was there as they always are! Thank you Mommy for being my favorite happy shining face you little yam, Sisser for your overuse of the word chartreuse, Fatimah for your support of my never ending quest for volume. Special thanks to Roderick who made the video becoming a reality possible, you are so LOVED. ALL OF YOU! Stay tuned, I can't wait for you guys to see the vid & hear all of the new music!!!! I do this for yall :)

Dreamin For The World, -Amber Yholeata

Video Shoot this weekend!!!

Just wanted to share my excitement w/ you guys on my up coming video shoot for "So What". This is a period of exponential progression & as I embark upon it, I want you all to know that I sincerely appreciate the support & positivity that has been directed towards my endeavors. You all are the GREATEST! Your love is felt & I reciprocate!!! Stay tuned ;)

Dreamin' For The World, -Amber Yholeata

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