Point The Finger

POINT THE FINGER Written by Kevin K. King Sr. (Kharacter)

Everybody wanna blame the kids They wanna say this and say that, they wanna complain when in fact kids… only do what you allow them to do So, if you wanna blame someone point the finger at you Now, in case you don’t know who you are let me help you YOU… the one who’d rather be your child’s friend and kick it with them socializing trying hard to fit in… when they don’t need you as a partner or another one of their friends YOU… the one who every other word out of your mouth is a cuss word So growing up that’s all that child heard That’s why it’s now problem for them to cuss up a storm It’s not unusual to them it’s the norm YOU… the negative talkin’ name callin’ tongue lashin’ bashin’ assassin Your affect are every lastin’ Whoever told you that names don’t hurt told you a lie Names can destroy ones will… names can get one killed YOU… the gang bangin’ parent OR parents, that’s plural more than one Meaning you’re twice as dumb Whereas most parents try to keep their kids from joining a gang You actually encourage being down with those lames YOU… the drinker and yeah, I’ve had my hands in that mess For years my kids had to see me in states of drunkenness Yet, we want them to respect us and do as we say while we’re out there drunk on display YOU… the abuser, you speak with your hands and fists More with the foot that you used on your child to stomp them with More for kicks And for punishment just to show them who’s boss Broken arms and black-eyes you later claim no knowledge about YOU… the excuser, you cover up much You’re always there with excuses whenever your child messes up You’re their crutch And you’re always singing that same old song about how my baby aint done nothin’ wrong YOU… the one who’s too busy to take time out to spend with your child It’s no wonder they run wild It’s no wonder you don’t know what’s going on in your own home Because, you’re hardly there when they’re there… and their in there gettin’ it on YOU… the one who gets high in front of his kids and oh, well I guess it is what it is But, now your kid is getting high with you and now your kid is just as messed up as you YOU… the addict, your addictions come first You’ll sell your kid if you had to just to fulfill your thirst You’ll sell their future and any hopes and dreams they may have just so you can get that fix… that needle or pipe to hit YOU… the molester, the incest degenerate How could you sexually mess with the child that you’re suppose to protect? How could you cradle them in your arms then later betray their trust for wicked lust? You’re the worst… I count you lower than dirt Yet, WE call them names… WE abuse them… WE cuss them out WE tell them things to their faces like “You’ll never amount to anything” WE fondled them while locked away in their room WE involved them in gang life to help end life soon WE show them things like getting drunk and high and told them it was okay WE covered up there their mistakes instead of showing them the way WE embarrassed them on how WE behaved WE DID THIS! THE ADULTS! Sad but, it’s true So, if you wanna blame someone point the finger at YOU

Copyright 6/19/2010 All rights reserved

CD Release

Kharacter released his very 1st CD November 17, 2013 which has received nothing but rave reviews. This CD captures his Spoken Word Artistry which means it infuses his poetry with his singing & writing with comedic overtones at times.