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New album! New logo!

We're excited to announce our new (and we humbly think, our best) album, "The Final Nail," comes out 11/5/12. We've posted new tunes for you guys to check out, and the album will be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon, and more! They'll also be for sale directly through our Facebook page and at all live shows. As always, you can follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/cpxband and on Youtube at youtube.com/cpxband

"The Door Opened" AVAILABLE NOW!

Hello everyone! The "new" CD is out now and is entitled, "The Door Opened." For those who have been fans of the band since the beginning, this CD contains songs off the original, previously unreleased, first basement demos - entirely re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered. For many of our fans, these will be new recordings, and they sound amazing! So pick up your copy today! It's available now on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon, and other online retailers! You can also download the songs through our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cpxband


New album "The Door Opened" drops May 24th, 2011! Until then, you can download 2 free tracks at www.promofm.com/cpx

They are in the music player - "Day of Decision" and "Wash." Just click "Buy Now" and you can download them for free! Just a little "Thank You" to all our fans before the album gets released.

Don't forget - our last 2 albums are available on iTunes, and as always, you can follow the band on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cpxband

For all the details, visit our YouTube site at www.youtube.com/cpxband and check out the latest video, or paste this into your browser:


Important info about us on Facebook!

As many (if not all) of you know, Facebook is a little different than Myspace (and I won't list the ways how or why).

In any event, we wanted to put out some important news about the band's Facebook presence and why...THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE, BUT DEFINITELY FOR BOOKING AGENTS/CLUBS/BANDS/ETC!!!

You can still "like" the band page at www.facebook.com/cpxband and that's been around for a while. What we've done is also create a "profile" (in Facebook terminology, as opposed to just a "page") that will be used for booking shows and other business-type stuff behind the scenes.

If you're a band, club, bar, booking agent, radio something-or-other, etc (basically, anyone who is not simply a fan who's just "into" our music - YOU cool-ass people can get your info on the band's FB page), and you have a FB account, please add the following contact as a friend on Facebook:


Having this profile will help us to send emails, like other profiles/pages, keep track of what's happening on the business side of things, etc etc.....which is difficult or impossible to do from just a Facebook "page."

Any further questions, etc? Feel free to hit us up with your comments/emails here, or you can email the band at cpxloudmusic@live.com

Interview by Ultimate Rockerz!

You can check out the interview we did for Ultimate Rockerz on our Myspace page at www.myspace.com/cpxband or on our "EPK-ish" site at www.promofm.com/cpx

Find out what we had to say about being a 2-piece, what all the songs on "Concrete Therapy" are about, and plans for the future.

Thanks to Ultimate Rockerz for the interview. We have a little page on their site as well, if you're a user and wanna check it out. Their site is at www.ultimaterockerz.spruz.com

Like what ya hear? Then buy our tunes!

You can purchase copies of our albums, "Concrete Therapy" and "Out of the Storm" on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, AmazonMP3, Lala, ShockHound, and AmieStreet.

We also have a link to MyStore through Nimbit on our Facebook page, so you can purchase tracks right from there.

Here's the skinny on the band...

Here's everywhere you can find us for your C.P.X. fix!

www.myspace.com/cpxband - Our Myspace page, where the up-to-the-minute news, pics, etc. are posted first

www.facebook.com/cpxband - Our Facebook page, and the best way to interact with the band

www.youtube.com/user/cpxband - Our YouTube page, where live videos and behind-the-scenes hilarity can be found

www.promofm.com/cpx - Our online store and "EPK-ish" site, where you can find exclusive tracks not found anywhere else

You can also find us on PureVolume, AudioStreet, The Indie Show, and OurStage.

We've also got about 8 other smaller pages on Internet radio stations, etc etc, but these are the primary ones. Trust us, we're out there.