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Awesome band review

Punk music, as well as the general scene that envelops it, has been my favorite genre for quite some time. Whether it’s due to the general accessibility and approachability of the music for newcomers, or the feelings of inclusivity that seems to be a mandatory tenant for most people involved with the culture, punk seems geared towards fostering great communities in general, perhaps explaining why it had such an overwhelming presence at Fest Too. That said, with the lower barrier of entry that punk music presents, there runs a greater risk of sounding derivative – or worse, boring – when taking such a simple route. Regardless of what the message of a song is, its value is automatically diluted if its instrumentation boils down to a copy and paste job from other bands, or even from within the same band, which makes such music almost disposable by promoting an incestuous sound. That’s precisely why I’m so fascinated with The Pharmacists, because while they revel in simplicity, it’s never at the detriment of being rudimentary. The Pharmacists captures the feeling of the timeless bands of yesteryear, such as The Misfits (in Danzig’s day) and Jawbreaker, playing in such a way that is pared-down, but never stripped of content. Instead of relying on superfluous frills, the band has every possible fundamental at its beck and call to arrange a very classic sound. There is a greater attention to melody that allows the band to put all of the hooks in precisely the right place to make for songs that are downright catchy, which, in turn, allows the band to be more accessible without sacrificing any integrity for the sake of being universal Ὰ the band is just inherently inviting. That’s why I would say that The Pharmacists are exactly what those previously-mentioned bands were in their respective times – a band so good that it becomes a great introduction to punk music as a whole. Although much of the punk scene is stratified and the entire genre of music can seem intimidating at times, there remains a small handful of classics people can highlight as some of the best representations of where the music, was, is, and is currently going. Given some time, I think The Pharmacists will find itself in that very unique niche more and more as time passes. From: http://warningscreen.tumblr.com/post/27576955855/event-coverage-fest-too-whats-a-diy-fest#n04

Important announcements regarding Aug. 7 @ Jaxx/ plus date is set for recording

As a result of a misunderstanding with the booker, Pharmacists are no longer on the bill at Jaxx August 7th. Please disregard any posts here regarding that show.We apologize for any inconvenience if you bought tickets. You should have no problem getting a refund from the ticket source. Thanks for your understanding. In other news: We'll be going into the studio on August 6th to record our first 5 song EP. Stay tuned for more details and photos!!