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What Do Expect You Out Of Rap Artists?

Today's music scene is flooded with shallow one track minded artists who promote plastic lifestyles full of drug use,sex,violence,fast money,and murder(which i dont mind if its done creatively)! They lack lyrical skills and cant paint vivid pictures with their lyrics like Playa Fly,Tech N9ne,Mr. Sche,Lord Infamous,Koopsta Knicca. Or tell stories from true life experiences like Scarface,Tupac,Project Pat,Z-Ro,Mr. Sche,Frayser Boy and Pastor Troy. They definately cant break hip hop onto a global scale like Outkast,Goodie Mob,Wu-Tang Clan,Timbaland,Tech N9ne,and Missy Elliot. So my question to all old heads and young fans is....What Do You Expect Out Of Rap Artists? Cause as of right now my ears are mute to the garbage that the machine tries to spoon feed us so let me know what you think!!!

C.R.G Productionz
C.R.G Productionz  (over 6 years ago)

TABERNACLE!!!!!!!!! Mane i always say mane hip hop has become a clown show,now with muthafucka like lady gag and niki minaj and antione dodson is making it turn into a . circus so mane. As pop say, too many muthafuckas clogginh up the drain for the real niggas and the real artist. Mane hip hop needs a refibulator, cause its hanging on one vital line,hanging on for dear life.