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Pretty Awesome Happenings

This is our first blog posting in a long time, and there have been a lot of changes. Last Fall we solidified our new lineup and couldn't be happier with the direction that our music has taken. We are still the same hard-rockin Voodusa, but with the influences from Kevin, Spencer, and JD we have evolved into something better. Our music now has more widespread appeal, and we are having a lot of fun playing and writing it!

We came together as a unit over the winter and played our first show at Baileys on in March. We played with The Fineprint and sold out the place! Big thanks to them for being a part of our first show in a year!

Next we had a very high energy show at the Dirty Jersey with Dope Soda! The lovely ladies from Babydollz Talent were there and they got the party rockin, pullin guys on the dancefloor and bringing the intensity!

Next up, Voodusa will be playing in the Battle of the Bands at the Blue Grotto next Thursday, April 18th! We're very excited about being able to participate in this show...12 bands from Kamloops and area will take to the stage (4 per night) and compete for a chance to win recording time and a show at the Blue Grotto. We are last in the first heat, and with your support we'll be in the finals! Let's fill the place with the Voodoo Army!!! Show starts at 8pm! Let's Do This!!!

-Ernie Voodusa

5 Piece

With the departure of Dustin as our guitarist, we are throwing the idea around of becoming a 5 piece band, adding two guitarists to fill up our sound. Kevin Ferrigan has come on board as a rhythm guitarist and this Friday the band will be trying out another Kamloops musician. If all goes well, having another person with their own influences will help us to write new killer tracks that will be audio-ectasy to your ears....stay tuned

On The Rocks Show

Hey everyone, thanks for coming out to the show Saturday night at On The Rocks. We love rockin' it for the peeps who come to see us regularly and continually seeing new faces at each show is great as well. If anyone got any photos from the show please post them on our facebook page or email them to us at voodusa@hotmail.com, we really enjoy seeing them! Our next show is March 2nd at The Dirty Jersey with Keep Six. It will be an energy filled nyte for sure! We hope to see some familiar faces there. As always, check back often for new music, news, shows and random happenings with Voodusa and lastly, push play and KEEP IT LOUD & PROUD!

All Things Voodusa!

Lots going on with the band right now. Our new cd is well underway and will be available in the next couple months. We have been writing new material like crazy, some of which has recently been posted on the page. Along with the release of The Promise, Ernie put together a photolog of some of our past shows. The halloween pics are great! Check back for more news and keep checking out the page to hear new music. Keep it LOUD & PROUD!

New Music

We are very excited about the new music we have been writing. Since our revitalization this summer Voodusa has written 8 new tracks and a few more are already in the works. The new music is still the Voodusa you know and love, but our sound has opened up a little bit which will hopefully bring more people out to our shows and onto the dancefloor. We are very excited to start playing shows again with our first show this Friday (Oct 28th) at the Dirty Jersey. Throttlecaster is opening the show and we are going to be playing for over an hour, so you'll definitely get your money's worth. Come check us out. You won't be disappointed

New Drummer

Voodusa is happy to welcome drummer Pat Nichol to the band. The addition of Pat has helped the band broaden their sound and hopes that the energy that Pat has brought to the group will help propel them forward into the hearts and minds of the rock community.