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MC Holy Ghost - GoPro Video

Added a new video: "MC Holy Ghost - Live and Direct Go Pro Video" https://www.reverbnation.com/q/73muth #video

MastaSwitch debut coming!

MastaSwitch debuts his new single next month!

MastaSwitch single finished!

The new MastaSwitch single is finished mastering. Waiting for graphics and it hits the streets!

MC Holy Ghost Producing MastaSwitch

MC Holy Ghost is producing MastaSwitch debut album. New singles and more! Stay tuned...

MC Holy Ghost New Website

I'm excited to announce my new website is on the way! Stay tuned for the release www.mcholyghost.com

Get Up And Dance

The new single is here! MC Holy Ghost - Get Up And Dance in stores March 22, 2016!

Distractions Are Real!

With all this talk of deflate-gate is it so easy to forget all the events that could/should be discussed on national and worldwide media? Stay focused...

2015 Police vs. the Citizens

Yes what a sobering and true reality. The citizens of America are finally reacting to years of abuse by our police forces. Yes I will freely say that 2015 is the start of the citizens vs police "war". Unfortunate but true. Why else would back wood-hick police forces ask for militia style weaponry to protect itself? Only for the fact that they are preparing themselves; not against bears, wolves, and your occasional moose, but from the everyday citizen who is seen as a threat and nuisance. The war has started and the "shot heard around the world" is only the beginning. 1775 to 2015 the Revolution continues!

Critics Review MC Holy Ghost - Live and Direct

"Kinda different kind of intro. The rapping was good. The song was true to the lyrics. They kept just the right amount of old school with just enough of the new style. The beat kept a good tempo. The use of movie soundtrack and other genre music was good. The rappers all sounded good independently as well as a group." Crowd Review

November brings good music!

We at Rapova40 Entertainment have been hard at work! This November we look forward to new relationships with our New York City music industry professionals.