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born in Jakarta capital city of Indonesia on 1975, with full name Achmad Ananda Indra, is authentic talented guitarist among the young guitar players in Indonesia He started to play guitar at the age of 12. 1997 at the age of 22 he discover the beauty of playing jazz. Short after that he studied with the great Oele Pattiselano and Denny Tr, followed by taking classes from the German Jazz master Günter Weiss. In 2000 Idang Rasjidi asked him to join his band which gave him the opportunity to get deeper exposure to Jazz music and to develop his own unique style. Another milestone in his career was when he met John Stowell and japanese guitarplayer Hideaki Tokunaga. John’s lessons had a major influence on his view on either playing guitar and music in general. At present Nanda is a regular featured guest on many jazz festivals in Asia (Penang/Jakjazz/Javajazz/Singapore) and abroad. 2004 he was invited to perform at the Indonesian embassy in Norway. Besides Itmos he currently plays guitar as sideman of indonesians rising jazz icon Tompi, Margie Seggers , Bubi chen ( java jazz 2010), Manna ( on Jakarta Blues Festival 2010), etc ITMOS is his idealist project on 2008, an acoustic collaboration with great german pianist Stefan Thiele. Both players do not only appear as instrumentalists but also as composers. now he make a trio project called AINA ( ananda :on guitar, Ilyass on Bass and Agung on drum), other project is a collaboration with A.S Mates (one of legendary bass player in Indonesia: this collaboration called MANNA, mean : Mates and Nanda .., he also involved in another project duo with beautiful vocal (this project called : Nengah and Nanda).if U want To Watch some my performance you can see on you tube link:guitarist1975born...