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"...and the plains are burning" The New EP From CRR

Well, it's a done deal!! And we are so fucking stoked to say our EP is pressed and done. Here's the deal...we started this project on 9.11.10 and finished on MLK JR day of 2011. We made this a very personal handmade project...all of the production was a collaborative effort between the band with Paul Malinowski and Cory White at Massive Sound in Mission, KS. Then mixed by CRR and Paul Malinowski at Westend studios in KCMO, and finally mastered at Massive Sound. The cover artwork and layout was done by Dutch VonCohol. Each cd was hand-stamped by EvanJohn and Dutch at Dutch's home under the influence of intense marijuana inhilation, and finally the whole band sat down to hand fold the covers which were printed by our good friend Josh Quint at the cost of two cases of beer.and one sandpaper handjammer...basically WE put some hand made love into these first 185 printings of the debut EP. They are one of a kind and will be greatly coveted as collector's items in about 70 years from now, so get yours on FRIDAY, 1.21.11 @ THE RECORD BAR when we deliver the full set which will include a cover of Quicksands "Fazer" and two more songs not available on the EP. The show is $7 and everyone will receive this debut!! Cherokee loves you and only wants your scalps!