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Got the foundation laid for our new practice studio. Well, except for the concrete. We need to get this thing up ASAP so that we can get some new material written. It has been way too long. I'm not too worried about new music like usual. We already have about 5-6 new songs in the oven just waiting for perfection. I'm looking forward to this summer. With an all new lineup and positive morale... SMP will be doing some great things.


SMP's Ticket Policy

It's not about money for us... so here is the deal.

When we sell a certain number of tickets, we make a profit back off of the venue. For example, some shows are $8 presale to get in and $10 at the doors. We basically make two dollars off of each ticket sold from the venue. This is where we came up with this idea...

In an effort to revive the local music scene and help get people out to shows, Spare Me Poseidon pays for your fifth ticket if you buy four tickets presale. In other words, if you can manage to drag four of your friends out to a show, we will pay for your ticket. Five for the price of four.

It generally breaks down like this: If you buy four tickets for 8 bucks a piece, you give us $32. Venues generally pay out two bucks per ticket sold until we break 100 tickets. So! We sell you four tickets, the venue then gives us 8 bucks in return ($2 return times 4 tickets) which we just use to pay for your fifth ticket.

We will do this for every show possible, no matter what the bill is. Message us at any point in time if you are interested.