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UNIDENTIFIED A short film by Warner Brown


UNIDENTIFIED begins with an unknown force monitoring earth. When a government official is abducted, a covert Task Force is assembled, TF-170. Their mission; to intercept UAP's and retrieve their superior technology. But problems arise, in facing a mysterious force far advanced to Task Force-170's aerial unit. _______________________________________ Unidentified was considered by BAFTA, Philips Cinema & Ridley Scott Associates for the Parallel Lines Contest. This short uses 6 lines of dialogue provided by Ridley Scott. It's up to the filmmaker to create an original piece. _______________________________________ UNID was produced on a budget of a couple hundred dollars over a few months. ________________________________________­______ Watch other entries at http://www.youtube.com/philipscinema A feature version of UNIDENTIFIED is in development. Enjoy! ________________________________________­______ Written, Produced & Directed By Warner Brown. Associate Producers: Janet Beardsley & Peter Beardsley. Starring Jon Minadeo. Krishna Chaitanya, Roy "Sarge" Jackson, Joe Lee. And Hiba Daoudi. Angel Santa Cruz. Mark Leiker. Cinematography By Warner Brown. Edited By Warner Brown. Visual Effects By: Stephen Pryor, Paul Carpenter. Oshyan Greene @ Planetside Software, NWDA Packs and Warner Brown. Alien Character Effects by Omar Mansour. Character Rigging/Animation by Mohammed Ahmed. Aerial Effects & Post-Processing Coordinator: Paul Carpenter Special Effects Post-Processing. Oshyan Greene, Planetside Software. Stephen Pryor. Paul Carpenter. Volker Bruhn. Omar Mansour. Mohammed Ahmed. Hetzen. Warner Brown Compositing/Color correction By Warner Brown. Art Direction/Conceptual Art & Set Design By Warner Brown. Original Soundtrack Music composed & mixed by Warner Brown. Sound/Foley Design By Warner Brown & Sony pictures sound library (royalty free volumes) ADR Recording By Warner Brown. Voice by Warner Brown. Additional ADR Recording By Krishna Chaitanya. Voice by Barbara Honeychurch. 1st AD: Krishna Chaitanya. 2nd AD Joe Lee. 3rd AD Ricky Kelley. Special Catering/Transportation: Joe Lee, Will Brown & Krishna Chaitanya. Film Consultant: Hopsen Carlton.(9 years old)

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