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Booksigning on Black Friday

Hey everybody! I've got a booksigning coming up on Nov. 27 at the Sugarhouse Deseret Book from 12:00 to 1:30. I'll be signing copies of my new book A Splash of Kindness. If you are near the area stop by and say Hi.

Interview with Cyrus Webb

Just finished being interviewed by Cyrus Webb. We talked about my new book "A Splash of Kindness: The Ripple Effect of Compassion, Courage & Kindness."


"Literary" Side

If you are interested in learning about my "literary" side, check out my interview with Radio X96's Rickie T. Here's the link:


A Great Big: THANKS!

Thanks everyone for your positive comments and your support! My inspirational book, A Splash of Kindness, is now available at bookstores and amazon. It's filled with ":ripple effect" stories of some amazing people. Take care. --John

New Song: Dancin' School

Hi Everybody! I just added a new song, Dancin' School which pays homage to the disco era. I hope you enjoy it.


My inspirational book "A Splash of Kindness" is now available at Costco.

New Book coming out next week!

My latest book is scheduled for release next week. It has been a long term project--it's a 300 page book--and I'm excited to see it finally completed. It's called: A Splash of Kindness: The Ripple Effect of Compassion, Courage & Character. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all major bookstores.

It's about the difference just one person can make. It talks about the "ripples" we make and the good things that result. Check it out. I'd love to hear what you think about it!

Thank You! New book coming this spring!

THANK YOU for all your support and KIND comments. You have no idea how much it means to me! Guess what? I've got a new book coming out this spring. It builds upon the concepts discussed in my first book, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices. (One of my songs featured on RN, The Spirit of Christmas, was written in conjunction with that book.) TAKE CARE EVERYBODY!!! Love, John

Christmas Song...Where did the year go???

I can't believe we're heading into the holidays for another year! Where did the year go? If you want to get into the holiday mood, I invite you to check out my song The Spirit of Christmas.

Thank you!

You guys ROCK! I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind, supportive comments. They are very much appreciated! --John