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more metal shows ..atropal live near you.

sat june 15 long beach...@ the wild wild fest..come and party with the rest of us animals ..see you there.

whiskey a go-go atropal hollywood be there

we are playing at the world famous whiskey in hollywood cali sat may4 at 9:00..we will be video taping this night so come out and support this bloodbath..its gonna be fun.




we have a new bass player and some new songs for that ass...we will be playing soon in losangeles and sandiego ..so support metal and get to the live show.. see you there.

Shows 2012

We will be performing all summer long with some of the best Metal and Hard Rock Acts to come out of San Diego and Los Angeles. April 7th with Silent Vice, Wither, Avarice.....May 19th with Sweet Ever After and Avarice. and TBA.

Atropal Live @ Ramona Main Stage

Atropal performing live October 29th with HellBent, Silent Vice, Contrary to Reason, Her Bed of Thorns and Sweeteverafter. Featuring a Live Flesh Suspension from Ryan Brink during the show. This is an all ages event and will be a Halloween costume themed party with over $1000 worth of Gift Certificates and Gear for the best Costumes. This show is sponsored by Tat2xtreme, Kings Pawn, Inkwell Tattoo and Fifth Felon Management.

Live Flesh Suspension/Ramona Main Stage

In this day and age of multiple piercings, body modifcation with sub-cutaneous inserts such as horns on the head or spherical bumps under the skin in various areas the body, you might think hanging from a thin metal wire with hooks in the body would be a bit more common place than it is. Here in Southern California, where you have a very diverse population as well as being very active, people here have been known to do almost anything that might be considered dangerous and to stretch the limits of the mind, body and spirit. So then why is it Live flesh suspension seems to be such a taboo thing, most people have never seen anything like this done and there are very few who risk their bodys to this particular activity, much less do it for public view. Well, until now, our very own Ryan Brink is no newcomer to pain. He has tattoos over 40% of his body and has multiple piercings, but nothing he has done could prepare him for his first suspension, the experience is one of nervous anxiety coupled with pain culminating into a weightless feeling of euphoria as he was lifted into the air. Suspended by four large shark hooks in his upper back, his 6'3" 200 pound body stretched the skin on his back to it's tearing point and began to sway back and forth much to the amazement of the crowd. This October 29th he will be doing it again in front of a sold out crowd at Ramona Main Stage during his band Atropals Debut show, Ryan believes that his endurance of pain is well worth it, his band Atropal will do their very best to entertain, but adding any dramatic affect to a show can only make it that much better. Tickets are on sale thru www.ramonamainstage.com or you can contact Jim @ 760-715-4479 for more info.

Street Team/ Live the Dream!

We need you! Anybody with a dream to be a part of Heavy Metal Band here is your chance. We need dedicated Metal Music Individuals that will pour their heart and soul into making Atropal the Best Metal Band in the World! We need People for promotion (posting posters, handing out flyers, creating a fan base on the internet) along with creating a buzz locally with all of the people you know and all the new people you will meet along the way. This is a once in a lifetime chance to make a name for the Band and yourself in this business and of course for all your hard work you will receive one of a kind band gear, free shows (of course) and the chance to even work on stage with set up and break down. For those who special abilitys such as lighting, Guitar Tech, Bass Tech, Drum Tech Etc. please contact Jim @ 760-715-4479

Show October 29th All Ages

We have our first show scheduled in October at the Best Venue in San Diego, Ramona Main Stage. We will be playing with Hell Bent, Her Bed of Thorns, Contrary to Reason and Silent Vice. Show starts at 7pm , doors are at 6:30. Get there early because we will be giving away free gear to the first thru the door and also many prizes for best costume. From most evil to sexiest to the cutest kid (All Ages) costume we have you covered, so get there early and be prepared to party because you know we will be!


There are those who say "There is nothing the mind cannot overcome" we have yet to fully understand how the mind can tune out pain at any level. Yet we see it time and time again, people putting themselves thru (some would say) crazy situations where they would self impose pain on themselves, pushing the limits of what the human body can handle. This is the same as any person trying to achieve a new level of human achievement, the drive and determination that is required to do something only few have or in some cases no one has done is to most people incomprehensible. But to some it is the only option, to push themselves further then they have gone, to reach a new level of conciousness and to reach the personal

goal they have set for themselves. This is our goal in our music as well as our life, there are no limits, no boundaries and especially no rules when it comes to art and we will explore every aspect of it. This life is ours as we live it and there is nothing out of reach.