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Wayne Management Company is announcing the exclusive Record Release Party for it's first artist Blak Cheri.

Blak Cheri, aka Rainece, was born in Brooklyn, New York under the name Synthia Robinson. When she turned 8 years old she moved to South Carolina with her grandmother and aunt. She sung in the Choir at her grandmother's church, and performed as a solo artist also. When she turned 15 years old she joined a well known group and choir in South Carolina called "The Gospel Crusaders." She was the lead soprano singer in this group for 4 years. When she graduated from high school she moved back to her home, Broolkyn , New York to strive for her career in the industry. This is a sister of soul, so behold you are about to experience the unique style, her vocal strength , and passion. On the come up as a young veteran in the music game, she has performed with bands such as Four by Four, Vision International band, Funk Masters, Ram, Inimate. She also sung with Tony Smith, Cheryl "Pepsi" Riley, and for solo socca artist Annice Carew, and Tiger. Blak Cheri's influences and idols are; Evelyn "Champagne" King, Aretha Franklin, Alica Keys, Mary J. Blidge, Mille Jackson, Janet Jackson, Floetry . So sit back and relax , dance, and enjoy tis sultry ride of "Blak Cheri!"

Blak Cheri's First Single release, "Tell Me The Truth" will be released on April 9, through many venues. Please contact Amazon, Itunes and MySpace for more information.

f you would like to book a show with Blak Cheri, you can contact her management company, Wayne Management Company.

RAW set to release early 2011

Word out of Team Blak Cheri is that a newer remixed version of RAW is set to release between March and April 2011!!!