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"The Healer"

Yesterday night I was walking down the street when someone caught my attention. From afar my first impression of him was quite opposite to my realization of his illness as he passed me by. This man gave not a single sign of sickness except for the look of his skin. Clearly, his noticeable strolling and beautiful attitude scattered a smile on everyone else around him. Could you guess what was so contagious about this guy? It was music.

Without a care in the world but the sounds coming off his headphones he was –or so I thought- immersed in his own imaginary world. Like a president giving an important speech or a Romeo reciting to his Juliet he ruled in his little bubble. He continued mimicking the lyrics with grace and singing out loud like nothing else mattered as he disappeared in the distance. This man left no trace of sadness but a rather infectious grin on me and whomever else witnessed him. Music was simply his medicine, and an infectious spread of joy upon us the spectators.

Another re-affirmation and a blessing…

(To be continued).