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Above The Higher Standard

Higher standards are for plebeian poets who want attention! Did I mention, I am at a higher than higher ascension and beyond this dimension? I am outside the rage and beyond the cage! I stand above the common mindset. I rise clear of the ordinary. I am the only one within my league. One me, many of them and only I can truly proceed. I make them cringe because I am at the edge, of the edge of the fringe. I am a different species! I was forged in the fires that made the world before me. I am Promethean! I am the greatest part of the spark of creation. I am one man but my mind is greater than any nation. I walk on paths that very few have laid foot upon. I am a creator! I am a cut above the norm! I will not conform! I am more! I am the thunder! I am the storm!

To See An Echo

A shattered mirror has no substance, in all its fractured fragments; individual refractions, constant altering allusion

Gleaming shards glomming the light from possibility, shinning back into waiting perceptiveness’ of its congregant

Tempting, shimmering, divergent pieces; minuscule razor’s, anticipating slithers, often leading to crimson glistening...