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HUNG OVER!!! still!

Hell Yeah! What an Awesome show on Saturday!!! Alley BreweD started us out with a bang! Then we kicked ass.... or should I say beat ass.. There was a Birthday boy in the house, who recived some Spankins via Bethanys Bass!!! Accidental Intoxication ROCKED!!! Punk Rock girl is one of our New fav songs!!! And last but certainly not least was Rutabaga! If you missed it........ We LOVE play'n 3rd Street! We will be there again on the 11th of December, & this time they promise to have at leasst 4 fiths of Jager..... Jager, Beer, Whiskey, Tequilla, and what ever was in the purple drink..... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Hooligans on the run!!!

Well well well! Yet another wonderful Turkey Day!!! Hope the band from salem ( ACCIDENTAL INTOXICATION ) can make it over the pass this weekend due to all of this white shit on the ground! This show is gonna be AWESOME!!! Rutabaga, Alley Brewed, Hooligans, & Accidental Intoxication!!!! Not to mention all of the out of town fans that will be here due to the holidays!!! So we will see you all @ the 3rd street pub, this Sat. night!!!!! 8pm NO COVER!!!